On the road again

I’m going away again! This time to Sweden Rock Festival :rock: 14 hours in a car driving through pretty much our whole country, from north to south, then 5 days in a tent surrounded by over 30 000 metalheads. Can it get any better?
I just hope the weather will be good, rain is the fastest way to ruin a festival. I should probably go sacrifice a goat to Tor or something…

I’ll be back next Monday, so have a nice week folks! Take care of the Internet for me :D


  1. 6 June 2011

    Håller tummarna för att vädret blir bra! :) Hade själv tänkt åka dit i år eftersom jag bor så nära nu, men ptja, det har inte blivit av och nu är biljetterna slut ^^

  2. 7 June 2011

    I legitimately LOL’ed at the line about sacrificing a goat :P Have fun, and hope the weather stays dry!

  3. 8 June 2011

    Enjoy your little vacation! I wish I could go on a road trip like that. I don’t have a car (and don’t like to drive) and don’t have any friends who seem to like to go on trips like that. Maybe someday in the future.

  4. 14 June 2011

    Hope you have lots of fun! I really love Sweden and hope to come back one day :) nx

  5. 15 June 2011

    Hope it was fun!!

  6. 16 June 2011

    So jealous. Why don’t we get any festivals like that here? All we get are the likes of Lollapalooza, which is turning into a pop festival (Lady Gaga? Eminem? Really?). One of these days I’m making it to some of those awesome music fests you lot get. Until then, hope you had fun! :D

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