Camila came to pick up Oggie on Wednesday night. They came right from the air port to us, she missed him that much :)

So now I only have one dog again. Feels really great to have peace and order restored to our home, but at the same time it’s a little sad. Even if he drove us crazy at least 3 times/day with his energy and random crazyness it was such a fun experience having him here. I will miss having a little furball to cuddle with, and he did bring some life to our otherwise rather calm household.
Zaphod is sweet and all, but cuddling with him is like hugging a kitchen chair. Everything is sharp and pointy and there are limbs sticking out everywhere. And he releases all his energy outdoors so when at home he lays down in a corner and refuse to move. Sometimes I don’t even see him for hours. (Which is actually one of the things that makes him so easy to live with, so I’m not complaining about that.)

Bunk buddies

Oggie in list form:

Good stuff Not so good stuff
– Small and lightweight. Takes no space at all.

– Enough fur to stand the weather, likes to go out even if it’s cold and snowy.

– Very happy and outgoing, tail never stops wagging!

– Doesn’t seem to have much guarding instinct, little to no barking (huuuge plus).

– Kinda cute after all :3

– TO much fur!! Zomg 8O

– Follows me around like a tail wherever I go. Cute at first but after a while it gets irritating and stresses me out since I’m not used to it. (Why? What do you want from me!?)

– So much energy! Even after 2 hours of playing in the woods he has no desire to sleep.

– So small, furry and flat-faced I had to hunch down right in front of him in order to make eye contact. Makes it kinda hard to communicate.

– Doesn’t seem to have any understanding of basic dog language. (a deep growl means you should STOP biting the ears, not bite harder and start pulling…)

I have to say though that it has been a fun and worthwhile month, and all in all it wasn’t that much trouble.
He had zero respect for Zaphod (he is such a wuss) but he did listen to me. His fur was insane but on the other hand it was nice to have a weather-resistant dog. It took me a while to learn how to walk with two leashed dogs so the first walks were… interesting. But eventually I figured it out :P

I also learned that it’s impossible to say the name Oggie without using your most ridiculous baby voice and adding a long line of poggie moggie woggie loggie after :D

Can I imagine getting a dog like that for myself? I think my answer is no. Size is good, I could definitely see myself with a slightly smaller dog. But I don’t want something that requires that much grooming and definitely not something that flat-faced.

I’m not gonna spam this post with pictures, but they’re up on Flickr so you can go there if you wanna see some cuddling and dog-on-dog action. I recommend the bath photos if you want some lols ;)