Hey, we survived another one! I actually do think it’s worth celebrating. Life is fragile, of course we should be happy about making it another round.

We spent Christmas with my in-laws and New Year’s Eve at home. Didn’t want to go anywhere since it was our dog’s first New Year and we wanted to make it as easy and low-risk as possible.
She actually handled the fireworks ok. They clearly confused her, but she didn’t freak out or anything, so I’m happy. She’s not as cool as my old dog, but few are. I swear we could’ve detonated a bomb in the living room and he would’ve slept through it. He was special like that. πŸ˜…

How did 2018 go?

Between the puppy, the wedding, and doing a bit of travelling (visited both London and Cologne) I’ve had quite a full year. Like, I’m actually a bit exhausted, haha! πŸ˜…

At the beginning of 2018 (well, in February…) I listed some non-resolutions for the year, so here’s how that went:

πŸ• Get a dog. Done and done! Got a new puppy in February and oh my gods, I had forgotten how much work it is! The first months flew by in a haze of cleaning up piss, saving socks from getting eaten, and trying to teach the little monster basic life skills.

πŸ–€ Get a tattoo Nope, didn’t happen. Mostly because I live at the end of the world and there’s a limited number of tattoo artists up here. When the one you want isn’t available it’s not easy finding a backup.

🎨 Complete at least 4 pieces of art. Hahaha no. 😩

πŸ₯¦ Eat more vegetarian food. Actually, this went really well. I’ve found lots of great vegetarian recipes and alternatives. Suspecting having a slight lactose intolerance I also cut almost all dairy out of my diet. Something that did wonders for both my stomach and my skin!
The biggest hurdle is that Markus who LOVES meat and has a hard time appreciating a vegetarian diet. So there’s still meat on the menu, but I try to keep it to a minimum.

πŸ’ Set a date for mine and Markus’s wedding! Yup, tied the knot on September 15! I’ve posted on Instagram, but I promise I’ll show you some more photos soon!

Mine and Markus's wedding, holding hands

Some goals for 2019

For 2019, there are no major things in the pipeline as far as I know. I also haven’t thought out any special projects or anything. And as I’ve stated before, I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions and don’t want to make that big of a deal out of it.

But I do have plans for our youngest family member:

🐢 Train Runa to pull. I want to use her for canicross i.e. for her to pull me while I’m running. She’s used to wearing a harness and drag a light rope behind her, but now she’s grown enough for real training. If this goes well I might also try bikejoring and/or skijoring with her, so wish me luck!

🐢 Take up some form of scent tracking/nose work. I think she’d make a great tracking dog. She loves to work and is never happier than when we hide treats for her to find.

🐢 Teach her to retrieve. She is at least 50% labrador after all. I have no ambitions to hunt with her or compete or anything, it just seems like a fun hobby to have with your dog.

Actually, I’ll also recycle two from last year:

πŸ–€ Get a tattoo Might have to travel a bit to get it done, but if that’s how it’s gonna be then that’s how it’s gonna be. Need to get started on my other sleeve!

🎨 Complete at least 4 pieces of art. It really shouldn’t be that difficult.

And that’s all for now.

Happy New Year and I hope you all had a nice holiday season!
Did you do anything fun? πŸ€—πŸŽ‰