Firstly because it’s February, so I’m like a month late… 🙈

Secondly, because I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. It feels silly to suddenly want to change all the things just because western society has decided this is when a new lap around the sun starts. If I wasn’t motivated to do something in June why would it be any different in January?

On the other hand, we all love clean starts and patterns. You always prefer to start new things on a Monday, or the 1st of the month, or with a new year. It’s just the way we’re wired. And everybody else has been posting about their goals and such now, so it’s easy to feel inspired. Why be cynical when you can instead choose to be swept along with the general sense of enthusiasm? :D

Things I want to do in 2018

🐕 Get a dog. Definitely. Have made progress on the breed-deciding and will post about it later!

🖤 Get a tattoo (sorry mum, I ain’t done yet). At least one, and at least something small. I have a bunch of ideas and artists picked out.

🎨 Complete at least 4 pieces of art. I sketch and doodle all the time but I rarely make actual, completed, thought out pieces of art. Should put some energy into that.

🥦 Eat more vegetarian food. Last year I started to cut back on meat – especially red meat – because it’s shit for the environment, shit for the animals, and I don’t actually need it. I want to continue on that road and exclude even more animal protein from my diet.

💍 Set a date for mine and Markus’s wedding! I already knew when I proposed to him that we had other priorities to sort out first and that it would take some time to actually get married. But now that time has come!
The only thing we’ve decided so far is that we want it to be a small simple affair and that it will be in autumn. Since it’s going to be small we could probably have it this year if we really want to, but if not it’ll be in 2019. Either way, the first goal is to set a date!

That’s about it, but more than enough I say.
The dog and the wedding are, of course, the most exciting points. I’m sure I’ll write about both topics at length 😁

I hope 2018 is treating everyone well so far. Let’s hope this will be a better year than the one before!