I love Halloween. Actually I love holidays in general, but Halloween is by far my favourite because 1. it’s in the fall and 2. it’s full of ghosts and monsters and candles and pumpkins and dark scary forests and all such amazing things. Halloween is the one thing I want to go all-in on and celebrate like the Americans do. I want to decorate the whole house with silly plastic spiders and hand out candy to trick-or-treaters and go to costume parties. This month could be the best part of the year!

Too bad I live in stupid Sweden…
This country hasn’t really embraced Halloween which means it’s kinda hard to celebrate it. Most of the people I know think dressing up and have a costume party sounds like way too much work and why do we have to make such a big deal out if it and can’t we just have a regular party? And so far I’ve had a total of 3 trick-or-treaters coming to my door EVER, all Halloweens of my life combined. Not to mention the depressing lack of decorations.

Actually, I guess I shouldn’t complain as the last three years have actually been great in terms of celebrating. It’s just that this year we’re not doing anything for Halloween. And it feels sad. :(

Oh well, I’ll just have to live through all the blog posts and Pinterest pins instead. ;) And at least I’m going to buy ridiculous amounts of candy and have my candles and pumpkins lit. We’ll see if I manage to talk Markus into watching horror movies with me (he hates horror movies) or else we can play Arkham Horror or something.

Anyway: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! :twisted: