New Year 2022 – with takeaway 3 course dinner

New Year’s Eve was incredibly calm and low-key in our house. It usually is. When you have dogs it’s like the one night you don’t want to go anywhere or leave them alone. We usually spend New Year’s at home just by ourselves, and I prefer it that way. The whole month of December always means visiting relatives or having relatives visit us and Christmas events with friends and work, so it’s nice to have New Year as our own private celebration.

This year we did one new thing though: we bought a takeaway almost-finished 3 course dinner from one of the better restaurants in town.

We had to preorder from the restaurant and then pick it up the day before. Got a huge bag with every component in containers + instructions.

All the components

Butter-fried scallops with creamy seafood soup and baked leek topped with chimichurri and roasted pumpkin seeds.

Had to fry the scallops ourselves and heat up the soup and the leeks. And plate it. I think we did an ok job considering how rarely we do “fancy” food in this house. 😁 It tasted sooo good, this was my favourite course.

Main course:
Fallow deer tenderloin with Svedjan* cheese risotto, baked artichoke, smoked forest mushrooms, red wine sauce and truffle butter. Garnished with lingonberries and garden cress.

Had to fry the tenderloin ourselves, the rest only needed to be heated. Never had fallow deer before so it was a first. I’m not a huge fan of red meat in general, but game meat is nicer than beef IMO. I liked it, even though I think we fried it a tad too long. Wouldn’t have minded it slightly pinker, but it was still nice and tender enough.

*local cheese made on one particular farm here.

Chocolate tarte with cherry coulis, vanilla and mascarpone cream, and amaretto biscuit.

This one came completely finished, so we only had to put it on a plate and dig in! Tasted amazing!

It was fun to try one of these almost-ready bags. I’ve seen them advertised a lot around here. The food was great and it was nice not having to cook that much. They were generous with the food too, we were both very full and satisfied afterwards. 😋

Not for me? 🥺

The rest of the night we relaxed and played games. Last year we did have some fireworks around midnight, but this year it was dead quiet all night. Heard some far far away in the distance around 19-20 but saw nothing and it was dead quiet after that. Didn’t see anything either.

Good, I say. We have a young puppy and I rather have him spared of fireworks.

We actually missed the whole midnight thing. We were playing the last mission of Heavenly Bodies (very fun – and frustrating. Recommended if you want to test how well you and your spouse cooperate lol) and were so engrossed we didn’t pay attention to the clock at all. Around 00:30 we realised that hey, it’s 2023 now, should we toast or something? 😂

Great New Year’s Eve over all. Happy New 2023!


  1. 7 January 2023

    I had a low-key New Year’s Eve as well, I prefer it over going out, being crazy, or loud noises. The 3 course takeaway dinner sounds fun and interesting, I don’t think I have ever had a 3 course meal before so that is super cool that yall made that thing this year. Plus, everything looks super good :)

  2. 8 January 2023

    We usually don’t do much for it either. Didn’t do anything really this year.

    The food looked good, never heard of take aways like that, but sounds fun. Love how the dog wanted his share. XD

    • 20 January 2023

      Half-finished take away is perfect when you live far from town or if you want to buy in advance. I like the concept. And the dogs always want their share… 😅

  3. 16 January 2023

    Wow the whole things looks absolutely delicious but that desert though! I’m a sucker for anything chocolate! Your New Years definitely sounded more delicious then ours, but we had fondu for Christmas so I was particularly happy with that. Happy New Years and Happy Holidays!

    • 20 January 2023

      I don’t think I’ve ever had fondue! It seems like such a fun food to eat though, gotta try it sometime :D

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