I’ve been busy with random stuff this whole month, dogs and work and dogs and the employment office and more dogs… I’m tired.

Oggie has been here for 3 weeks now and will stay for another week. While it has been fun to have him here it will be a relief when he goes home.
He’s sweet and funny, but I can’t believe how such a tiny body can hold so much energy. He never sleeps! And he’s so social/insecure/curious (I haven’t decided which of those options it is yet) that he follows me around like a tail. A very small tail that is. Very easy to step on or trip over. It’s a miracle there’s no broken bones.

Yeah, he’s cute enough and such – but I think I still prefer my lazy, independent cat-dog Zaphod.

But I have had a little time set aside to be creative!

I have a new layout up, this time suitably featuring a witch :) The other layout was cute and colourful, but I don’t know… It wasn’t me. This one is much more my style.
Here’s a bigger version of the witch if you want to see:

Imaginary Karin - witch way drawing

I also drew this:

Imaginary Karin - bat whippet

Don’t ask me where it came from, I started drawing a whippet, plain and simple – but somewhere along the way he seems to have grown bat wings :crazy:

And finally I’ve also managed to upload some new dolls:

Both are made for the art forum Sunblight. The first is a mugshot portrait for the yearbook and the other is a doll for a base edit contest (cross your fingers for me!).
I’m really satisfied with the mugshot, it actually looks like me! I just had to edit the face a bit.

So… busy or not. I have to say it has been a few productive weeks anyway :)