New hair style

When I had a sidecut

Ta daa! Look what I’ve done :rock:
I’ve kept my hair the same way for years, long and straight with no styling whatsoever, but no more!
It was a spur of the moment really. I just happen to walk pass a hairdresser with a really good price, thought “what the heck..” and went in. In the picture it’s combed to one side so you can’t really tell, but it’s an actual mohawk. Both sides are short.

I just need to dye it. When I cut it I got my natural hair colour back (hello, long time no see) which is not as bad as I remembered – but methinks a mohawk requires something a little more edgy :P
Can’t decide if I want it black or red though. Or maybe black AND red?


  1. 17 January 2011

    Woah! Love the new look! :rock: I’ve always been a fan of red hair so I’d say definitely go red :heart:

  2. 17 January 2011

    Wow, your hairstyle looks fantastic! :D I love the style. I got mine cut last year and I had it cut with tails down the side and all short at the back, so that it had a bit of edge.

    I’d go for the red! It’s rarely done, a lot of people seem to be doing the black. ;)

  3. 17 January 2011

    Wow! Riktigt snyggt! :D Du passar jättebra i det!

  4. mendifae
    17 January 2011

    Wow!! It looks awesome hon! I love the new edgy style. I vote red!

  5. 17 January 2011

    Your hair is so cute!! Looks great! :)

  6. 18 January 2011

    Wow, I love it. Looks wonderful on you. Oh I would go for the black & red. Or maybe black & blue or green or purple,or pink, or a rainbow even. Go crazy you are only young once & you might as well have fun with it. :love: :love: :love: :love:

  7. 18 January 2011

    I think it looks great! I also think the color looks really good…but if you wanna dye it I’d say go for the dark reddy-purply-browny one…I think it would look good on you, better than straight red or black. :)

  8. 18 January 2011

    Love the new hairstyle! It looks fabulous on you. I’ve been meaning to get mine cut for ages. Tempting idea, although I don’t know if I could pull off such a daring style.

  9. 18 January 2011

    Love it! :heart: It’s cute like a pixie yet sassy like a vixen, and it makes your glasses/eyes POP!

    There is a neat style of dying hair where the stylist puts waves of color and stacks them one above the other, why not put a zigzag of black with red tips? :?

    • 8 February 2011

      Ooh, that sounds cool. I’ve been thinking about going two-coloured :)

  10. 19 January 2011

    Wow I love your style so much!! It definitely suits you!

  11. 22 January 2011

    I love your new style :heart: suits you perfectly! :)

  12. 23 January 2011

    Your new hair looks AWESOME!! :D

  13. 28 January 2011


  14. 28 January 2011

    Love the new hair style! I vote red depending on what kind…

  15. 29 January 2011

    Thank you all! :heart: I’m going red, bought the dye today :D

  16. Markus
    8 February 2011

    My super cute sweetheart <3 :love: :love:

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