My new neighbourhood

Ok, I’m gonna blog once more about the house and then I’ll shut up about it for a while. I promise!

There’s no point showing you the inside of our new home since we’re still pretty much living in boxes, but to be honest I’m more interested in the outside anyway. I can’t believe I have a lawn!! :D Every time I come home after being out I get all giddy when I see the hedge and the flowerbeds.

Hopefully I’ll manage to take care of it… I have the exact opposite of green fingers so this will be an interesting project in the spring.

Imaginary Karin - flower bed

This is the flowerbed by the house wall. The big red ones are obviously some type of roses, and I assume they’ll come back next year too since they’re pretty big. The others I have no idea what they are. I don’t even know if they’ll come back in the spring or if they’re the type that only lives for one year and then they’ll die for good and you have to plant new ones.

It’s all very pretty though.

Imaginary Karin - strawberry patch

This is the patch by the patio/porch (whatever it’s called). Not nearly as colourful, but rather interesting since it has strawberries! It’s only a handful of plants, but still! :) Then there’s some other random plants as well. I saw one of them has a tag sitting in the dirt next to it saying it’s a “Macedonian Scabious”. Whatever that means, haha!

Imaginary Karin - view from our kitchen

Here’s the view from the kitchen window. The street goes in a circle with houses around the edge and a patch of forest in the middle.
So far I really like my new surroundings. To the west and south lies more houses and playgrounds and soccer fields. To the north and east there’s nothing but forest as we live on the very outskirts of town.
Just the way I like it. :)

I just have to figure out this whole flower situation.
Good thing I have the whole winter to read up on gardening. :P


  1. 14 September 2012

    awww you have a lawn and flowers this is so awesome ^_^
    and don’t top blogging about your new house, I love readinglooking at pictures of other people’s houses, I am sure a lot of people do!

  2. 15 September 2012

    Flowers! I really love the little blue spiky ball ones. really if you just read some gardening basics you should be good to go, its not too hard, youll be okay. Dont let it intimidate you :)

    I like the house posts! Youre all excited and i love reading what people are enthusiastic about. :)I

  3. 15 September 2012

    i love your flowerbeds! i wish i had some at my house… but i have a horrible black thumb, as well. maybe someday i’ll give it a shot.

    i love reading about people’s homes and stuff also (as kitty said). it’s interesting to me how other people live and decorate and all that stuff. don’t feel bad about blogging about it, i’m sure we are all curious! plus, your house looks adorable so far, i’m really curious to see the inside when you’re all unpacked. :) /creeper hahahaha!

  4. 17 September 2012

    Oh what a beautiful yard and garden. I am hopeless with gardening so I hope you have a better green thumb than me :D

  5. 17 September 2012

    Mysigt med en egen trädgård. Fina rabetter!

  6. 17 September 2012

    Having a lawn is both nice and painful to me, since I don’t like lawn work, haha. We were pretty bad at taking care of it at first and some of our grass died. We’re a lot better about it this year!

    Your flowerbed is beautiful though! I love all the colorful flowers you have. The view out your kitchen window is so pretty too. What a nice looking area :D

  7. 19 September 2012

    How pretty! I love all of those bright, colorful flowers! We have a little garden in our backyard with herbs and strawberries in it, and I’m excited to try keeping it up in the spring. I just hope I can manage it!

    It looks like you have a nice, secluded space with lots of trees. It’s beautiful!