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Trillian – my iPad

I’ve already mentioned it on Twitter: I have got myself an iPad! When I first heard about this new piece of technology I didn’t think much of it, why would I want an iPad when I have a computer? But the more I heard about it the more I liked the idea. Markus constant nagging helped in the decision-making too ;) So I bought one about a month ago, and so far I’m impressed.

When I bought it I wasn’t really sure what to use it for, but now I actually find myself using the iPad more often than I use the computer. If I want to check my email or just do some light surfing, I turn to the iPad since it’s just so much more comfortable to lean back in the couch than to sit at the desk. I think that is the biggest perk for me, my laptop is way to big and heavy to sit comfortably in my lap. And it gets way to hot. The iPad is small and lightweight and never even get warm.

Most apps I’ve tried so far work really well, I actually prefer the app-version of for example Facebook. I’m also getting kinda addicted to the game TinyZoo :blush: I’m thinking about purchasing a Spotify subscription too now that I have a portable device.

The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t view Flash videos and the iPad version of YouTube doesn’t seem to have nearly as many videos as the “real” version…
But other than that – and the apple on the back – I’m pleased ^_^

(Yeah, I named her Trillian. Anything else would be ridiculous, right?)


  1. 1 June 2011

    Trillian är ett passande namn! ;D Jag har själv varit lite skeptisk till iPads och liknande men nu när jag skaffat mig en snygg Android-mobil så har jag blivit lite beroende haha ;)

  2. 2 June 2011

    Haha ja men du ser! Alla har vi olika perspektiv här i livet. ;)

  3. 5 June 2011

    I totally agree with you. although I don’t have an iPad, I own an iPhone and before I was totally against owning an iPhone. I mean, why would I buy something expensive when I can just purchased a phone less expensive? But when I bought my first iPod Touch, that’s where my Apple addiction started. Yes, it’s expensive but it’s worth it!

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