my favourite things linkup

My Favourite Things is a monthly linkup hosted by Raisa and Eirene. Except this month when it’s guest hosted by Tara. :)

I had 4 weeks off from work in July, and now I’ve been back at the office for a month. Work is crazy most of the time, but honestly it feels pretty good. It’s nice to take a break but it’s also nice to have some order and routine back in my life.

I’m also glad autumn is here! The air is crispy cool and the forest is like a rainbow with all the different shades of green, red, yellow, and purple. The best time of the year is here! :D

And here are my favourite things right now:

Our new car

volvo v70

Behold our new vehicle!

It’s a Volvo V70 from -07. The paint is metallic black. I know it will be difficult to keep clean, but I still like it. My favourite feature is the cruise control, I’ve never had that in a car before and quickly learned it’s great when driving long distances!

Our old car was also a Volvo V70, but from -99 and had gone 35 000 (metric) miles. I called it Katla after the dragon in The Brothers Lionheart because it was old and big and green and made unsettling noises.

The car I had before the green dragon was an Opel Omega called Moby Dick because it looked like a big white whale. Sounded like a whale too…

I guess I’m one of those people who tend to give nicknames to their things, especially technology and machinery. I’m sure I’ll end up giving this new car a nickname too, I just haven’t come up with one yet. :)




All I knew about Ghost was that they were a Swedish metal band and that the members looked rather… interesting. When I pressed play I expected some sort of angry black metal, but to my surprise what came out was melodic hard rock wrapped in chanting choirs. It was completely unexpected, but so very beautiful.

My favourite songs are Deus In Absentia, He Is, and Cirice.

Normally I find it silly when bands try to be all mysterious and wear masks and hide their true identities (Slipknot, I’m looking at you), but in this case I’m willing to let it slide. These guys are amazing!


Me and Markus went to see Inside Out a few weeks ago, and it was really good. It was sweet and funny and very well made, like most movies where Pixar is involved. I can definitely recommend it!

Of all the feelings and other characters, Sadness was my favourite. I just wanted to pick her up and hug her, she was so darn cute in her misery. :heart:

Sadness is always portrayed as a negative feeling, but we need it for balance. We’re very complex animals, we can’t go through life feeling nothing buy joy and cheer; we need a bit of sadness and anger and fear too. It’s how we learn and grow.