My Favourite Things – December 2015

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It’s mid-December!? How did that happen?

In all honesty I can’t wait for this month to be over. I love keeping in touch with the seasons and enjoy celebrating holidays (all holidays really, not just Christmas), but this year I haven’t felt it at all.

Work is even crazier than usual, the family circus is in full swing (holidays tend to do that), and the weather can’t seem to make up its damn mind. Snow? Rain? Hail? Grasshoppers? Every day is a surprise!

I’m afraid I don’t feel very Christmas-y right now… but that doesn’t mean I can’t play along with this month’s Favourite Things! Focusing on something positive is just what I need. :)

Neko Atsume

Imaginary Karin - Neko Atsume

Neko Atsume is a cat collector game for Android and iOS.

You have a garden and fill it with toys and food to attract cats, and as the cats come into your garden you take photos of them and put in your Pokedex Catbook.

Yes, it’s every bit as silly as it sounds. But it’s so addictive! And so ridiculously cute!!

I know it’s supposed to be for kids, but I’m 100% hooked. I’ve been decorating my garden and feeding the cats every single day this week. I’m not even ashamed.

Don't care



So… to prove I haven’t gone completely soft on you: let’s listen to some metal!

Skálmöld creates some epic viking/folk metal. It’s loud and angry and they sing in Icelandic, which is by far the coolest of the Nordic languages, so it only adds to the flavour.

Apparently they were playing in Gothenburg only last month, but hopefully they’ll come back to Sweden again in the near future. I’d love to see them live!


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

AAAHH!!!! Star Wars!! Last but definitely not least!

It seems to me like they’ve gone back to the beginning a bit with this movie. From the material I’ve seen it looks darker and grittier and much more similar to the old episodes 4-6 than to the newer episodes 1-3.
Imo the newer movies (they’re made in the early 2000’s so I guess they’re not even that new anymore…) were pointless and tacky Hollowood spectacles, so I’ll be real happy if I’m right.

We have tickets to go see The Force Awakens on Thursday and I can’t wait! I think this will be good. :D


  1. 12 December 2015

    I’ve been seeing Neko Atsume everywhere. The screenshots are always so adorable! <3 I haven't tried it yet myself. I installed it once but didn't touch it. I think I'll give it another go. :3

  2. 12 December 2015

    You too, huh? STAR Wars! I can’t wait for it!

    Neko Atsume looks cute. I love my kitties and doggies equally! I have had both in my life time and they both proved to be awesome!

  3. 13 December 2015

    I totally forgot to download that game. Must do this. :D It looks so cute.

    I hope you enjoy the new Star Wars! :D

  4. 16 December 2015

    I’ve been seeing so many people talking about Neko Atsume lately! It looks so cute. I’ve been tempted to give it a try :)

    Oh man, I love Star Wars. I’m really excited for the new movie too. Though, I’m waiting a bit for the hype to die down before I buy movie tickets. Getting them is a bit crazy right now!

  5. 16 December 2015

    I have seen so many people talking about Neko Atsume! It looks so cute, I’m going to have to download it and see what everyone is talking about because I love silly little games! :)

    I am very excited for the new star wars. We just finished rewatching 1-6 to prepare for the new one. I’m not sure when we’ll be seeing it with traveling for the holidays and we didn’t preorder tickets, but I am still excited!

  6. 25 December 2015

    Ah! I was wondering what that cat thing was. People keep sharing pictures of it on Facebook, without saying what it is.

    As for your comment about Star Wars 1-3, “tacky Hollywood spectacles”, I 100% agree. :) I’m sure you’ll like the new episode.

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