my favourite things linkup

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Below are some of my favourite things right now:

Music: The Distillers

An old punk rock band that isn’t even making music any more, but still my current obsession. Their music is really great and I have developed a bit of a crush on singer Brody Dalle!

If there is one thing that ALWAYS works for me music-wise is dark, deep, gritty voices – especially female ones. I can’t resist the sound. I even listen to Cher sometimes just because of her voice. And now The Distillers have been added to my list of bands with interesting vocals.

Design: Dust Furniture

Imagine if Dr. Seuss decided to make furniture? It would probably look something like this. I don’t normally care that much about interior design, but these are the weirdest book cases and cabinets I’ve ever seen and I love every single one of them! The designs are wonderfully whimsy and truly unique.

If they were available in Europe I’d buy this piece in a heartbeat, but sadly it’s a North American company and I don’t even want to know how much shipping and customs would be for me.

Geekyness: Bilbo’s Contract

Imaginary Karin - Bilbo's contract

Imaginary Karin - Bilbo's contract unfolded

Imaginary Karin - bilbo's contract detail

It wasn’t just Zappo’s birthday last month, I had mine at the end of March too and my boyfriend presented me with this wonderfully nerdy gift: Bilbo’s Contract. It is exactly that: a copy of the contract he had to sign before joining the company of dwarves set out to reclaim The Lonely Mountain.

It’s really long and detailed, I haven’t even read the whole thing yet because it’s just so much text. It’s kinda hard to tell what it says in some parts too since it’s “hand-written” and the paper is “damaged” in some places. ;) I’m going to try my best to decipher all of it though.