I’ve seen a lot of blogs do those “what’s in my bag” posts. I was going to do it too.. but then realised I keep using different bags everyday and also keep different things in each and every one of them.
So instead, I figured I could just show you my bags, plain and simple :P

Imaginary Karin - Ruby Gloom bag

Ruby Gloom – matching bag and wallet
This is my absolute favourite! I always use the wallet <3 The bag is for when I only need wallet, keys and phone (not room for much else) which is most of the time. Imaginary Karin - Ruby Gloom bag

Ruby Gloom – bigger bag
Yeah, I really like Ruby Gloom :) I think she’s so cute! I don’t know why, but I don’t use this one as much though. Maybe because I like it so much and is afraid to break it.

Imaginary Karin - studded bag

Studded pockets bag
This one can hold more stuff that you might think, I usually put lipgloss and gum and such small stuff in the outer pockets. I usually bring this bag to work since it look slightly more grown-up than the others.

Imaginary Karin - army bag

Cheap army bag
Markus bought this one for me from an army outlet (it was so cheap I could just say he got if for free) and then I decorated it with random stuff I found in my drawers. I use this one when I need a little more stuff, like notebooks and cameras and such.

Imaginary Karin - black canvas bag

Canvas school bag
This used to be my school bag, but now I just use it as an alternative to the green army bag. As you can see I’ve decorated this too with various buttons and patches.

Imaginary Karin - green bag

Big green bag
I needed a slightly bigger bag for light travelling (room for extra clothes and toiletries etc) and fell in love with this one. It came in lots of other colours, including the more sensible black, but I just couldn’t resist the slimy neon green :D