My autumn list

It’s autumn again! At last! :D
We have all the other signs of the season, like yellow trees and migrating birds and such, but the weather doesn’t seem to get the message. I actually look forward to the cold, so last week when we had only 1°C in the mornings I was feeling very optimistic, but now it’s warm and sunny again. But then again, it’s only September still.

Anyway, I wanted to post about autumn, and when you have nothing real to write about you can always do a list, right? ;)

Imaginary Karin - my autumn list

Autumn in 3 words


The best/worst about autumn

My favourite part of autumn is the sense of new beginnings it brings.
Now it’s time to go back to school and work. All businesses that were closed or scaled down over summer start up again. Lots of television shows come back with new seasons. Civilisation as a whole seems to get back to normal after being put in “vacation mode” all summer.

Meanwhile, nature is shutting down. The forest turns into a rainbow of colours while birds migrate, bears and hedgehogs prepare for their long sleep, and deer and hares start growing out their winter coats.

Autumn is, to me, the natural breaking point of the year. This is the end, but also the beginning. I never feel as energetic and rejuvenated as I do right now!

The worst part is all the people whining about summer being over. :P

Favourite clothes/outfit this season

Booooooots! I love that I can finally bring out all my lovely boots again! I have way more pairs than I need, but I argue that I live in a cold climate where warm footwear is a necessity. ;)

My favourites are a pair of greyish black leather boots with chains, studs, and huge gothic crosses:

Imaginary Karin - boots from The Urban Project

Good shows to binge on chilly autumn days

Gilmore Girls has always felt like the most autumn show for me.
The intro has fall colours, and it seems to be autumn and winter in the show a lot more than it’s spring and summer. Everything is red and green and earth-toned. It’s a cosy show for cosy days. (Btw, is anyone else as excited about the reboot as me?!)

A darker option is Penny Dreadful, a beautiful show that was sadly and abruptly cancelled after only three seasons. It’s still well worth watching though, full of darkness and despair and the most poetic language.

Good autumn/Halloween movie

Of course, it would be easiest to just say Halloween and be done with it, but despite being a huge horror fan I’m actually not very into that series.

The Blair Witch Project though, that one really scared me the first time I watched it and I still like it a lot. Horror movies rarely get to me, but walking through the forest at the end of autumn, when all trees are bare and the leaves are turning into a grey decomposing mass on the ground, then I can actually find myself thinking of Blair Witch and get somewhat unnerved.

Good autumn and/or Halloween music

Ghost, hands down.
Don’t let their appearance scare you, their sound is much softer than you might think. Their music is beautiful and melancholic and absolutely haunting. Perfect for both Halloween and autumn in general.

Most autumn-y food/drink

Chanterelles in everything! We’ve picked a good amount ourselves and got some from Markus’s dad as well, so we have plenty in the freezer.
The best way to eat them imo is the easiest one: on toast. Just fry them in a pan with butter, season with some salt and pepper, put them on toast and put a layer of cheese on top, and stick them in the oven ’til the cheese melts. Yum!

Also, cloudberries. We haven’t picked any ourselves this year, but I still have some jam left from last year.

Imaginary Karin - chanterelles

This year’s Halloween plans

Don’t know yet. My boring country doesn’t really celebrate it, and I have a sum total of one friend who even cares about it, so we’ll see. Hopefully some sort of Halloween party, or at least a horror movie marathon or something.

How to prepare for winter

Stop shaving my legs. What? I mean… I tend to restyle my house a bit.
Nothing major, I just change some curtains, put out more candles, and generally try to get the place look darker and warmer with heavier fabrics and deeper colours.

I always try to make my home reflect the seasons at least a little bit. I know I sound like a new age hippie, but it gives me a sense of being in tune with nature, and I like that.

What are you doing during autumn? Do you like it or are you just longing for another season?


  1. 17 September 2016

    Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, probably because it was the season I was born in – in Australia anyway, since right now it’s Spring for us! I don’t do anything special but as with every season, I try to pack away clothes that are no longer appropriate for the new season, and usually look forward to wearing something different.

    I think that Spring still calls for warm drinks, and Autumn must too ;)

  2. 19 September 2016

    I’m super jelly at the chanterelle picking! They are very rare in the Netherlands, so I can’t do it here. I have this sort of obsession (according to the boyfriend) of finding myself in Sweden in the autumn in an area where they grow someday, because I love them so much! When I was in Sweden last year, I was in the south and they weren’t there. -_-

    • 21 September 2016

      Too bad you didn’t find any chanterelles on your trip. They can be really tricky to find because EVERYONE is out looking for them so all the easily accessed places are usually picked clean. My boyfriend’s dad has lots of “secret” locations that are way off the regular paths, if not for him I probably wouldn’t find any either…
      If you ever come this far north, give me a shout and I’ll direct you to some good spots :)

      • 6 October 2016

        I’ll travel to Uppsala later in October for a friend’s promotion. Perhaps if there’s some spare time she knows some spots in the area. And otherwise, well, I don’t have any plans to travel further north anytime soon, but I’ll hold you to that! :D

  3. 22 September 2016

    Penny Dreadful got cancelled?! Horrendous. It seemed like such a cool premise and the fact that it is on Netflix now, makes me wanna watch it. I recommend Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell on Netflix. Harry Potter for grown ups and much darker. <3

    • 26 September 2016

      I know, I was shocked when I found out! Such a shame :(
      Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell sounds like something I’d like, thanks for the tip! It’s not available on Netflix in my stupid country, but I’m sure I’ll find it somewhere else :)

  4. 28 September 2016

    Autumn is my favorite season due the weather :) Being in Texas, it’s the season that isn’t too rainy, too cold, or too hot. It’s just right! When I used to live in the north east, I loved seeing the leaves change, but that doesn’t happen as much where I live now.

    I’ve never seen the Blair Witch Project, but I’m also not a fan of horror movies, so I tend to avoid them! Yet for some reason, I play horror games, like the Resident Evil series. I do love Halloween though, mainly because I love costumes XD

    Oohh, I like chanterelles too. I haven’t thought of putting them on toast before! That sounds tasty.

    I like that you try to make your home reflect the season! I always want to do that, but I end up being too lazy. For me, preparing for winter means looking at my wardrobe again. I never seem to have enough cold weather clothing =/

  5. 8 October 2016

    I prefer the cold as well and always dread when summer gets closer and the heat starts to get so icky. It’s wonderful that it’s such a pleasant time of year, it’s nice to have that. Hopefully with some more cooler days. :D

    Boots are great footwear and I really like yours! :D

    I really liked Penny Dreadful and thought it was such a shame that it ended the way it did. It felt at the start of the season that it wasn’t going to go to a new level and I was excited about that. But then it changed and couldn’t believe it was over. :(

    I love the colder months, but they are probably not really ‘cold’ compared to some climates. While the summer is blah. Evil Australian summers. xD

  6. 10 October 2016

    Aww, haha, we just had our first snow and I thought of you! I knew you’d be wishing for snow!!

    • 11 October 2016

      No way! I’m definitely jealous ? Mid-October is when we usually get our first snow, so I’m waiting eagerly, haha!

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