Munich in pictures

Ok, here we go! Picspam from Munich! Beware, there are LOTS of images after the jump!
Most of the photos are mine, some are taken by Johan or Tommy from our office. There are more photos on Flickr if you’re interested :)

Like I’ve said before, we had a really great time. Walking around in Munich is like walking through a fairytale, there are towers and gargoyles and old gothic fonts everywhere! :love:
It’s such a beautiful city, I would love to go there again some time. I feel like one weekend wasn’t enough to even scrape the surface of what Munich has to offer.

The weather played nice for most of the weekend. Friday was really warm and sunny, Saturday too until the evening when it started to rain a little. We had a few showers on Sunday, but not so much it bothered me.
I was very pleased when I realised I could understand most of the German signs and menus and such, and I did try to speak it a little when I had the chance. But it was hard to follow when people were talking. When you’re not very good at a language it feels like everyone talks so fast!
I got to use Euro for the first time too which was fun. But ZOMG so many coins!

Munich 2011 - Viktualienmarkt

Viktualienmarkt is a square with a food market and a beer garden. The whole place was full of cute little stands where people were selling everything from freshly made sausages to honey. We had lunch (and beer) there a few times.

Frauenkirche altar

Frauenkirche, the astonishing "Cathedral of Our Dear Lady", was one of the first places we visited after we got to Munich. The cathedral is very impressive, both from the outside and inside. I’m not catholic, but you can’t help but feel the sacral ambience when you enter.

New Town Hall at Marienplatz

Marienplatz is a square in the very centre of the city, and there stands the New Town Hall which is probably the most amazing building I’ve ever seen! Every time you passed the square you HAD to stop for a while and just stare at it. There was so many decorations, statues and gargoyles all over it, every time I looked at it I saw something different.

Nymphenburg Palace, or half of it anyway. It was huge!
Munich 2011 - inside Nymphenburg PalaceMunich 2011 - inside Nymphenburg PalaceMunich 2011 - inside Nymphenburg Palace

On Sunday we took a bus out to Nymphenburg Palace, the summer residence of the Bavarian rulers. It was HUGE and the interior was just… insane. Beautiful, but insane. Not to shabby for a summer cabin, eh? :P

Englischer Garten - the English garden

After the palace we took a walk through the “English garden” which is one of the largest city parks in the world. It was full of enormous old trees and little creeks and waterfalls, and we saw a Bierbike! Beer, music and exercise all in one – what more could you ask for? :D

White asparagus, a German speciality. It doesn’t look all that exciting, but it tasted amazing!

Sunday evening the others wanted to stay at the hotel watching the ice-hockey game (What?) so me and Johan decided to ditch them and pay a visit to Hard Rock Cafe :rock: It was really cool, just my type of place!
Afterwards we went to Kentucky Fried Chicken, just to try it. We don’t have KFC in Sweden so we decided to take the opportunity. It was really tasty. Fat and spicy, but tasty.

Aaand, on Monday we went home. End of story :)


  1. 24 May 2011

    I’m glad you had an amazing time. I’ve always wanted to go to Germany. My trip to Europe looks very similar. I wish I could go back sometime soon.

  2. 24 May 2011

    That all sounds great. I enjoyed reading your post :) I’ve never been to KFC yet, I’d like to go but oh I don’t know.

  3. 30 May 2011

    Germany!! Oh, how I miss it so. I was there in summer 2010 and loved it, although unfortunately I didn’t get to make it to Munich! (It came down to either Munich or Berlin and Berlin was the winner.) I’d love to go to Munich, though. Your photos look gorgeous!

  4. 31 May 2011

    Those are beautiful pictures! Sounds like you had a great time ;) I would love to go to Germany someday. Actually, I would love to go somewhere outside of Wisconsin lol !

  5. 31 May 2011

    Those are really cool pictures, and really amazing sitings. ^^

  6. 31 May 2011

    Great photos! Germany has some amazing architecture : )

    & you mentioned lots of coins using the Euro? When my husband & I lived in Sweden for a couple months we amassed SO MANY coins!! We must’ve been doing something wrong…? We still have 600 SEK in coins that we’re trying to figure out what to do with… haha : )

    • 1 June 2011

      Really? Haha, how did you manage with that? We only have 1 SEK, 5 SEK and 10 SEK coins – when you’re dealing with Euros you have like… 8 different coins. It’s insane 8O

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