Munich subway, photo from Stock Xchng

Munich subway, photo from Stock Xchng

I can’t believe my trip to Munich is only 3 days away! 8O For months I’ve thought to myself that it’s faaaar in the future and that there’s plenty of time to worry about it later on. Well, guess what – the future is here.

The journey begins 05.00 on Friday morning. (I get tired just writing it… I will most likely be in zombie mode for most of the day I’m afraid.) Then we will first spend 2 hours in a car driving to the airport which is in another city 2 hours north of here. Then we’ll take a plane down to Stockholm and in Stockholm we’ll take another plane to Germany. Sorry, I mean Bavaria :) We’ll probably be in Munich some time after 12.00 and we’ll be back on Monday evening.

And I have SERIOUS travelling fever!

I check the weather sites several times a day, currently they claim it will be cloudy but warm Friday and Saturday, rainy on Sunday and Monday. (Baaw.) I keep making lists in my head of stuff I want/need to bring with me. I keep checking that my passport and tickets are where I left them (still on the shelf in the bookcase, phew). Thank the gods we’re only going for a weekend, I don’t know how I’d react if we were to be away for a whole week :roll:

But in my defence it’s been 13 years since the last time I travelled abroad, so I think I’m allowed to get a little agitated :P