Hey guys, guys, we’re moving to a house! Like… tomorrow!! 8O

I’ve mentioned it on Twitter but I guess I should blog about it too. I found the house up for rent about 2 months ago. We were thinking about buying our own place, but even if we’re saving it’s still a long way to go before we can afford it. Renting suits us better for now.

Anyway, it’s a small row house. 3 rooms + kitchen, with a garage and laundry room.
All of my adult life I’ve lived in apartments in apartment buildings so just having a front door – my own front door, not a stairwell – will be amazing. And I won’t have to park the car on some parking lot somewhere, I’ll have a driveway and a garage. And a lawn! A very small lawn, but still a lawn. Whee!

We’ve spent all week packing and sorting. Tomorrow we’ll get the key to the house and then we’ll move all the small stuff. On Saturday we’ll rent a trailer or something and move all the furniture. Sunday we’ll move whatever’s left + clean the old apartment.
God, I’m getting tired just writing this… As I said on Twitter I’m already dreading moving all my books. :oops:

Markus: Hey, listen, I’ve packed the camera in this box. If you at any time get a sudden urge to photograph something this is where to look. It’s in the corner with the guy, under the box of dices.

Me: The… guy?

Markus: Yeah, he’s parachuting from an aeroplane taking pictures from the sky. :D

Me: Parachuting… Right. I’ll probably remember that.

That’s the man I’m marrying right there, haha ♥