Moving chaos and electric hearts

UPDATE: Since many of you asked: Markus has been to the heart specialist now and everything looks good. Thank you all for your concern :)

This whole weekend was a bloody nightmare to be honest. :sick: I have bruises all over my arms from carrying stuff with sharp edges and my legs are still sore from the endless walking up and down the stairs to the old apartment (we lived on the 3d floor, no elevator). The constant raining didn’t help either.

On top of being absolutely exhausted (and wet) our car broke in the process. Saturday night we started hearing a clattering sound coming from the front right part of the car. We stopped and checked but couldn’t see anything. Since we don’t know anyone else with a car that has a trailer hitch we had no choice but to keep driving. It wasn’t fun spending all of Sunday driving with a clattering car…
Anyway, we left it at a repair shop this morning. Now I’m just hoping it’s not something too expensive. :oops:

And on top of THAT, Markus broke too. Or could have anyway.
He was putting up a lamp in the living room when he got an electrical shock by an exposed cable. Now, that’s unpleasant for anyone – but Markus has a defibrillator (an ICD) in his chest. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but he was born with a rather serious heart defect and got the ICD implanted when he was 18.
He didn’t feel anything other than the expected pain and tingling in his arm where the shock hit, but he was a bit worried what it might’ve done to the ICD.
I told him to call the hospital and ask them about it, just to be safe.

The lady he spoke to just said “Go to the emergency ward right away. I’ll send a car for you.”
Yeah, not terrifying at all… 8O
Markus got to spend a couple of hours at the hospital, being checked and tested. Everything looked fine so they sent him home again, but he’ll have an appointment with a heart specialist sometime this week just to be sure. He’s fine, or at least not in any immediate danger, but it was scary as fuck.

So… that was our weekend.
At least everything is moved now. We’re living in boxes, but that’ll get sorted over time.

On a lighter note, the house is really cute and I think it will be a great place to live.
Here’s what it looks like:

Imaginary Karin - my house


  1. 4 September 2012

    Holy Crap! I am glad that Markus is ok. Definitely agree with the ER & specialist.
    The house looks adorable. Just remember to get everything unpacked & not go crazy with buying stuff since you probably have more room. *wink* My mom did that & we are now paying for it by cleaning it all out, lol.

  2. 4 September 2012

    Whoa, that sounds so scary O_O But yay for having finished moving! It sounds like it can only get better after a weekend like that ;)

  3. 4 September 2012

    I’ve been moving too! We bought a house in another city, and on Thursday we rented a trailer and made the drive with all of our furniture and stuff in it. We’ve been slowly settling in over the weekend, but I definitely understand what living in boxes is like. :P

    I’m glad Markus is okay! That would have scared the crap out of me too. 8O

    Your house is so cute! I’m sure Zaphod will love having his own place and yard too. :)

  4. 6 September 2012

    wow, moving is bad enough. that sounds like hell. i’m so sorry you guys had such a rough time! and that’s totally scary what happened to markus. omg. good to hear that everything is fine. hopefully his followup appointment brings good new too.

    congrats on the new house! it’s totally adorable! you’ll have to post pics once you guys get all settled. :)

  5. 6 September 2012

    Congrats on the new house! It looks great :D That’s so scary about Markus though! That’s good that he seems to be ok. I hope the appointment with the heart specialist goes well too.

    Packing and moving is such a pain, so I’m glad that part is over for you guys at least. I hope everything goes well with unpacking and settling in!

  6. 7 September 2012

    Congrats on the house! And also on Markus not being seriously hurt! ICDs and outside electricity… not a good combination, so he’s a lucky fellow, that one.

    I do not envy your moving. Third floor? No elevator? I’d have NOPED right out and tossed everything out the window. XD

  7. 8 September 2012

    OMG!! I can’t believe that happened to Markus! It’s scary getting an electric shock but must have been 1000x worse with the ICD in his chest!! It was a good call to go to the hospital, just in case. I sure hope the appointment this week turns out okay.

    Your little house looks adorable! When is your final move in date? So excited.

  8. 9 September 2012

    Moving was a complete nightmare for me as well but it all worked out thankfully. I was so relieved when it was over to be honest.

  9. 14 September 2012

    Moving is always a huge pain. Nothing ever goes the way it should and it’s very stressful! But your house looks super cute! And it must be great to be living in a house instead of an apartment or whatever.

    That’s a pretty scary thing that happened to Markus! I’d be terrified that something would happen as well. But it’s good that he’s ok!

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