UPDATE: Since many of you asked: Markus has been to the heart specialist now and everything looks good. Thank you all for your concern :)

This whole weekend was a bloody nightmare to be honest. :sick: I have bruises all over my arms from carrying stuff with sharp edges and my legs are still sore from the endless walking up and down the stairs to the old apartment (we lived on the 3d floor, no elevator). The constant raining didn’t help either.

On top of being absolutely exhausted (and wet) our car broke in the process. Saturday night we started hearing a clattering sound coming from the front right part of the car. We stopped and checked but couldn’t see anything. Since we don’t know anyone else with a car that has a trailer hitch we had no choice but to keep driving. It wasn’t fun spending all of Sunday driving with a clattering car…
Anyway, we left it at a repair shop this morning. Now I’m just hoping it’s not something too expensive. :oops:

And on top of THAT, Markus broke too. Or could have anyway.
He was putting up a lamp in the living room when he got an electrical shock by an exposed cable. Now, that’s unpleasant for anyone – but Markus has a defibrillator (an ICD) in his chest. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but he was born with a rather serious heart defect and got the ICD implanted when he was 18.
He didn’t feel anything other than the expected pain and tingling in his arm where the shock hit, but he was a bit worried what it might’ve done to the ICD.
I told him to call the hospital and ask them about it, just to be safe.

The lady he spoke to just said “Go to the emergency ward right away. I’ll send a car for you.”
Yeah, not terrifying at all… 8O
Markus got to spend a couple of hours at the hospital, being checked and tested. Everything looked fine so they sent him home again, but he’ll have an appointment with a heart specialist sometime this week just to be sure. He’s fine, or at least not in any immediate danger, but it was scary as fuck.

So… that was our weekend.
At least everything is moved now. We’re living in boxes, but that’ll get sorted over time.

On a lighter note, the house is really cute and I think it will be a great place to live.
Here’s what it looks like:

Imaginary Karin - my house