Midsummer 2023

This past Wednesday was the summer solstice – which means on Friday we celebrated Midsummer’s Eve. Last year was our first Midsummer in our new village and I got enrolled into helping with the local festivities. This year was more of the same. I am officially part of the Midsummer committee now!

I’m in charge of anything digital (making posters and signs, the ad in the local paper etc) because apparently, I’m the only one with a proper computer?! 🤯 I know this is just me being a nerd but… how the hell can anyone live with only a phone or tablet?? How?!

Flowers and leaves for the Maypole
Dancing around the Maypole

The song they’re singing in the video is about a shoemaker. And a fox running across the ice. And a boy laughing. That song is a complete mess. 😂

The weather was horrible right up until opening hour. It was pouring down! We were all worried we would have to cancel. Or that nobody would show up. But right on time the sky suddenly brightened and the rain stopped! The clouds kept hanging over us but not a single drop fell during the hours the fair was open. The sun even came out for a few minutes. Can’t believe our luck!

And despite the weather, there were loads of visitors. Not as many as last year but still a lot. We made a decent profit and should be able to afford some upgrades next year. ✌️

Back at our house, we had our traditional Midsummer dinner: several types of pickled herring, boiled potatoes, sour cream and chives, and thin white crispbread.

I also baked my traditional Västerbotten cheese pie with mushrooms. I didn’t have any chanterelles left from last autumn so had to go with ordinary chestnut mushrooms instead. Still worked, but it’s definitely better with chanterelles.

We also had the usual strawberry layer cake with whipped cream – made by Markus this year. It’s usually my thing to make but I was too busy. Forgot to take a photo of it but he did a great job!

Our friend Peter came over too. He’s one of the few friends we have who doesn’t have kids so it has become tradition that he spends Midsummer with us. Since it was raining too much to be outside we stayed inside and ended up watching several episodes of Rome. We hadn’t seen it and Peter swore it was top 5 best shows ever! It is pretty good actually, I don’t know why I never watched it when it aired. Some great actors! I was thrilled to see Tobias Menzies!

So that was my Midsummer’s Eve, and despite the rainy morning and evening, it was a very good one. Happy belated Midsummer! 💐🌿🌞

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