After my previous announcement I feel like talking a little about marriage.

The thing is, marriage has never been on my bucket list. I can honestly say I’ve never dreamt about my wedding day (like all girls are “supposed” to do) and I’ve never thought about it as something I want or need to happen. That doesn’t mean I don’t want a life partner though. I’ve always hoped I would meet someone and spend the rest of my life with that person, but the actual wedding ritual and having the legal contact that is marriage? Never.
It’s not like I’ve been against it either, I see nothing wrong with it, I just… never cared. *shrug*

And then I met Markus.

Markus was pretty clear from the start that he wanted to get married at some point. “Not right now and probably not for many years to come, but eventually I will want to be able to call someone my wife.
He’s such a hopeless romantic. :P

In the beginning I found it a little silly. We don’t follow any religion that requires marriage and we live in a modern society where just cohabiting is seen as perfectly normal. We also don’t have any assets (money, cars, houses, children etc.) that we want to secure for each other in case one of us dies or if we split up.
But the longer we stayed together the more I felt it would be kinda silly NOT to get married too.
I mean, even if we don’t have any money or cars or anything now we might get in the future. And it would be pretty lame if we would be together for say 20 years and then one of us died and the other wouldn’t get to inherit. In Sweden you can make a cohabitant agreement, but it’s not legally as strong as a marriage.

Besides, it is a nice tradition. I’m not nearly as romantic as Markus (I think Cold-Hearted Cynic is the proper term to describe me) but it would be kinda sweet to throw a party and wear a nice dress and all that. And even if I know that I love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him it would be fun to make a public announcement out of it. Our parents would definitely appreciate it too.
Like I said, I’ve never been against it – I just haven’t cared. Until now. Now I kinda do care.

And I do love him. More than I thought I could. The weirdest thing (from my point of view) is that I knew from the start that he was nice and funny and all that – but as the years go by and the more I get to know him and get to see what he really is about, the more I realise what an amazing person he is.
Even when he leave his Warhammer stuff scattered all over the living room and always forget to put the milk back in the fridge… ;)

Chocking revelation: Maybe my mum was right all along? Is it just about finding the right person?

Dum dum di dum...

We will not get married any time soon though.
After talking about it we came to the decision that even if we just want a small, simple wedding it would still cost us. And other things are of higher importance right now. We want to buy our own apartment (we’re renting now) or maybe even a small townhouse. We’re also thinking about a car. So we’ll save up for that stuff first. Realistically, I think the wedding is at least 2-3 years in the future.

So don’t expect this to turn into a wedding blog just yet ;)