Hey, tomorrow is the spring equinox! :D
We’ve been having some warm weather this past week, but calling it spring would be an exaggeration. There’s still plenty of snow on the ground and the winds are freezing.

I love all holidays, but my two favourites are Samhain (Halloween) and Ostara (or Easter, I’m not fussy). Samhain because it’s in the fall, my favourite season, and it’s full of darkness and ghosts and lit candles. Ostara because it’s bright and colourful and has cute bunnies and chickens. And both holidays are also full of witches!
Or it is here anyway.
We didn’t do trick-or-treating during Halloween when I was a kid (truth is we didn’t even do Halloween back then), instead it was tradition to go around begging for candy during Easter dressed up as an Easter witch. Here’s an article about that tradition.

Imaginary Karin - me as an easter witch 1985

Me dressed up as an easter witch, in 1985

My birthday is also just around the corner, and having spent all my life celebrating around Easter means that theme was usually incorporated somehow. Like, I would always get tulips and/or daffodils rather than roses. For the birthday party the house would always be full of Easter decorations (I think I inherited my love of decorating from my mum, she takes holiday decorations very seriously. You should see her house around Christmas…) and I would usually get at least some Easter-themed gifts, like a stuffed bunny or a t-shirt with chickens or something.
You’d think I would end up hating Easter because of that, but I embrace it. Actually I love it! :D

Now that the Easter decorations are popping up in the stores I have to constrain myself from buying just about everything. I already have enough decorations, and our apartment isn’t that big… One can only house a certain number of brightly coloured porcelain chickens.

Imaginary Karin - easter 2012

Imaginary Karin - easter 2012

My collection of Portugese Good Luck Roosters

Some of my favourites decorations doesn’t really have anything to do with Easter though and that is the Portugese Good Luck rooster. I got one from somewhere and thought it looked both goofy and kinda cool, so I used it as an Easter decoration. Over the years I found a few more, usually in thrift stores or at yard sales, so I started a mini collection.
I thought they really were Easter decorations until about a year ago when I, by sheer coincidence, stumbled upon some information about the “Galo de Barcelos”. Apparently it’s a Portugese symbol of faith, good luck, justice and hope. :)

Imaginary Karin - easter 2012

What about you? Most people love spring, but do you celebrate it in any way?
And what is your favourite season and/or holiday? I love hearing about other peoples traditions :)