I’m a big fan of the MMORPG Lord of the Rings Online and spend more time than I’d like to admit playing it. I think I’ve talked about it before. :P

When it comes to MMORPG’s I’m an altoholic, I love making characters and always end up having a whole bunch of them. Some I play more than others, of course. Like Tallind, the elf Guardian from Lindon:

Imaginary Karni - elf watercolour drawing

Imaginary Karin - elf drawing promarkers

Another adventure in Promarkers

Tallind is my main character. Guardians are the tank class of LOTRO, with heavy armour and insane defense. She doesn’t dish out as much damage as Champions and Captains, but on the other hand she’s damn near impossible to kill, and that’s kind of what I like about her. There’s something so satisfying about jumping fearlessly into a horde of enemies and be able to keep them all in check, despite being severely outnumbered.

“Come at me orcs!” :rock:

Imaginary Karin - LOTRO characters drawing

Tallind, Rothryn and Nimmaer.

Rothryn is a woman (human) Hunter from Rohan, which basically means she’s an archer and use a lot of traps and sneaky stuff.
Nimmaer is an elf Loremaster from Mirkwood. Loremasters are the magicians of LOTRO and can have pets, so that’s her raven companion on her shoulder.

LOTRO characters

My 4 “normal-sized” ladies. ;)
Rothryn, Tallind, Nimmaer, and to the far right, Lithfora of Gondor, a woman Champion.

Imaginary Karin - hobbit minstrel drawing

My “fun-sized” lady, the hobbit minstrel Dovila. :P
The Minstrel is a class that is rather unique for LOTRO. You fight with music and songs rather than with weapons, which is quite interesting. And actually pretty awesome. Imagine encountering a giant spider and PLAY it to death, haha!