Despite being a huge fan of both computers and games I’ve never really got into playing MMORPGs. Remember when World of Warcraft came out and everyone and their uncle was playing it religiously?
I never even tried it.
It wasn’t until Lord of the Rings Online became free to play curiosity finally got the best of me. Naturally I was rather confused at first, but then I started figuring things out and now I’m really hooked! I even went as far as buying a subscription since I love it so much.

LOTRO – riding

Trotting through Michel Delving in The Shire on my horse Gere

Reasons to play LOTRO:

1. Middle-Earth FFS! This alone makes it infinitely more interesting than any other game out there. What’s also great is that they’ve based the game on the books, not the movies.

2. I haven’t had much to do with other players as I don’t know anyone who plays it and I’m too shy and too much of a n00b to just approach someone at random – but I have spent a lot of time lurking around the message board and other related forums and it seem like a really nice community. From what I can tell there are lots of older players and people like me who are huge Tolkien fans and are there mostly because they want to get involved in the story and explore Middle-Earth and not necessarily to “win”. People in general seem laid-back and friendly, even the most stupid newbie questions get helpful replies.

3. The graphics are really nice. It’s not as breathtaking as Skyrim, I imagine that would make the game too demanding for many computers, but it’s still beautiful. There has been plenty of times when I’ve had to stop what I’m doing and just admire the landscape for a while.

4. It’s free to play and you don’t have to buy anything unless you really want to. The reason I bought a subscription was because I found myself playing it so much I felt the extra stuff a subscription will get you would come in handy. I also want to support the game.

5. Did I mention it’s based in Middle-Earth!? The awesome feeling when you stroll into The Prancing Pony and find Strider lurking in a corner is… let’s just say I go into full fangirl mode every time I play.

LOTRO characters

I play on the Snowbourn server and have 2 characters so far.
Tallind (to the left) is a level 24 elven guardian and Rothryn (to the right) is a level 10 human hunter.
I can’t really decide which one to use as my main, but I’m leaning towards Tallind. Guardians are tanks and I like how she’s all strong and fearless. 8)

World of Warcraft characters

My adventures in Middle-Earth has sparked my interest in MMORPGs so I downloaded World of Warcraft now that it’s free to play. I mean… that game is like legendary, it feels like I have to play it.

I’m on the Silvermoon server and my first character is a Tauren hunter named Muirenn (to the left if there’s any confusion about that…) because taurens look freakin’ badass! Although it took me a good 10 minutes to realize the weird turkey-thing following her around was her pet! I was so confused, I never even realized hunters start with a pet! XD
I also activated a free subscription trial last night and made a Worgen warrior named Asbjörn. :love: I will try not to get too attached to him as he’ll probably disappear when the trial ends… Or I’ll just buy a subscription. As you know I LOVE werewolves so if there’s anything that would make me buy a game it would be the possibility to play as one.

I’ve also played a bit of Skyrim (as a Nord of course!) on Xbox but I keep quitting it since I can’t get over the controls. I can’t for the life of me handle that I have to use one stick to control the characters movements and one stick to control the camera. I just wan’t the camera fixed behind me! Gaah! Pity though as it’s a beautiful game…

Markus bought Guild Wars 2 a while ago and I made two characters on it (a Charr and an Asura), but I haven’t played it much. Extremely pretty game though. Unfortunately my time isn’t unlimited and I rather direct most of my attention towards LOTRO.

Does anyone else play any of these games or similar? Of course I’ll be thrilled if you say LOTRO. ;)