Imaginary Karin - Maja the cat

So… apparently Bella didn’t like her new home. Or her new home didn’t like her, I don’t know which. They said she was meowing all nights so they couldn’t sleep and because of that they didn’t want to keep her – and of course we agreed to take her back!

She’s always been talkative, but not so much it’s bothering in any way. Definitely not enough to keep us up at night. At first I was worried it might be something wrong with her, but she seem fine to me. She’s been back for a few days now and I see no difference from how she was before.
I suspect the new owners maybe just got cold feet. Which is OK, everyone can make a mistake – and I rather see them giving her back to us than keeping her if they don’t really want to.

It’s all fine in my book, we’re happy she’s back ^_^
Except maybe poor Zaphod who is miffed over loosing his basket again… ;)