London calling

I can’t believe it’s just a little over a week until we’re going to London! AAH!

We’ll arrive at Heathrow on Thursday evening (April 11) and our plane home leaves just after noon on Sunday so… that leaves us two full days (Friday and Saturday) + one Thursday evening.
Cathrine warned me of not having enough time to get back to the airport, so I assume most of Sunday will be dedicated to getting ourselves back to Heathrow.

Tate Modern – our hotel is just a block away so we’ll definitely go there.

London is huge so I don’t expect to see even a quarter of what there is to see, and I don’t want to stress.
I rather see just a few things and have plenty of time to stroll around, than rush to see as much as possible. The city has survived this long, I think it’ll last long enough for me to go back later if I want to. :P
Most of all I just want to be there, to walk along the streets and see the buildings and the people and just explore. That’s what I’m looking forward to most.

It’s difficult to determine how much time you’ll have as I don’t know how much time anything takes. Google Maps tells me most of the main tourist traps are pretty close together and many of those things, like Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, are just walk-bys.

On the other hand I don’t have many “have to”s, the only things I feel like I ABSOLUTELY NEED to see are Tate Modern and Tower of London.

Churchill War Rooms and HMS Belfast will probably get a visit too since Markus is nuts about military history.

(Love this post by Sarai btw, I feel even more inspired now!)

Tower of London – there’s no way I’ll miss this!

Another issue will be figuring out what clothes to pack. Up here it’s still pretty much winter in the beginning of April, but down there I assume it will be more spring-like? An umbrella is a must though, in England rain is to be expected. ;)

So… any last-minute tips or advice? :P


  1. 2 April 2013

    A couple of things;

    a. British rain isn’t the kind of rain that Scandinavia gets. I call it “wet air” where there are tiny, miniscule droplets of water floating about in the air, soaking you through. So skip the umbrella, pull on a parka. With a hood.

    b. it’s a fun season just now; the weather is swapping between snow & bright sunshine like no other. Layered dressing is a must!

    c. if you’re going to go and see the changing of the guards, get there super-early. Like an hour before it’s supposed to happen. Because if you get there late, you won’t actually see ANYTHING! Try to get a spot next to the main gates towards the right, or a spot at the side of the courtyard bit & you’ll have a great view!

    d. skip Hyde Park. Not worth it.

    e. skip Oxford street. Crammed chock-full of people, it can get a bit claustrophobic; it’ll be better to weave on & off the side streets next to said Street

    f. get daily tickets for the subway; otherwise it’s super-expensive, and since it’s SO easy to move around using the tube, you’re probably going to use it A LOT!

    g. go to Earl’s Court to see the Tardis.

    h. don’t bother with the London Eye. Yes, the view is GREAT, but that view’ll cost you several hours of your time as well as about a 100 quid. When you’re limited on time, it’s not worth it!

    That’s just from my forays in The Capital! :)

    • 5 April 2013

      Oooh, thank you! Lots of great advice :)

      I’ve heard the changing of the guards is really time consuming, so we’ve already decided to skip it. We were thinking about London Eye though, but I guess you’re right. It would be equally time consuming and maybe not the most exciting thing you could do.

      Seeing the Tardis would be fun I guess. Although… I’ve never watched Dr Who *hangs head in shame*

  2. 2 April 2013

    Jag och en kompis var på en weekend i London förra året och hann med ganska mycket, vi ville hinna med några sevärdheter utan att för den skull stressa. Dock planerade vi allt ganska ordentligt och följde nästan en cirkel runt London, vi bodde ett stenkast från Oxford Street – vilken man endast ska besöka dagtid om man vill shoppa något, extremt mycket folk, men på kvällen när allt är stängt är det jättefint att promenixa där. Skrev om London här;
    Jag längtar tillbaka! :)
    Hoppas du får en riktigt trevlig resa!

  3. 3 April 2013

    Maybe you can enjoy a traditional pub breakfast on Sunday before you leave? And / or stop by Ben’s Cookies or some other bakery and eat a cookie or two or five on the way to the airport :D

    Oh, and as for the tube, we bought Oyster cards ( when we arrived at Heathrow that we refilled with more money when needed. It has a daily price cap so it’s never more expensive than a daily ticket, and it’s super easy to use – just beep it in and out of stations. You do need to pay a deposit for the actual card, but you get both the deposit and the outstanding amount on the card back when you leave :) (Or you can keep it and use it when you go back. Like we did. Not because we were super late and didn’t have time to get our money back or anything, not at all, we just… already planned to come back? xD )

    • 8 April 2013

      We’ll definitely buy Oyster cards too, they seem like a great idea. :)

  4. 9 April 2013

    OH WOW! I am so jealous. Have an amazing time! Please take lots of pictures and tell us everything when you’re back :D

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