On March 25 I’ll be 30 years old. Yes. I will try to avoid posting any angsty omg-I’m-so-old-what-am-I-doing-with-my-life posts as the date draws nearer… but I can’t promise anything. :P

Since it’s the big 3-0 I want to do something special. Markus asked if I didn’t want to travel somewhere? Where would I go if I could go anywhere? “LONDON!!” I shouted and it was settled.

(Snatch ♥)

Since my birthday is around Easter and travelling is much more expensive on holidays we’ve decide to go in early April. We’ll be there over a weekend, from Thursday to Sunday. The plane tickets are bought and ready, and I’m actually looking for hotels right now.

I’ve been wanting to go there my whole life so I’m really excited! :yay: Whee!
If anyone has any advice or tips regarding visiting London in April feel free to share.