Had a date night with the boyfriend yesterday, we went to the movies to see Logan. And holy shit, this was something completely different! ?

I hadn’t heard much about it before. I only saw the trailer once (gorgeous trailer btw, and great choice of music) and saw some vague praise on Twitter, so I didn’t know what I had to expect. Another X-Men movie, I guess, and it IS an X-Men movie, but not like any of the others.

This is nowhere near the Wolverine we’re used to. He’s in bad shape. He’s coughing, limping, and drinking more than ever. Xavier is no better off, the most powerful brain in the world is getting old. Laura is violent and angry, a mini-me version of Logan himself.
The mutants have nothing left but the fight for survival.

Personally, I loved this. In fact, I’d say it’s one of the best superhero movies ever.

The genre is full of spectacular movies. The whole universe is at stake and the overpowered heroes fight valiantly against demi-gods and shining death rays penetrating the sky. They’re full of acrobatic fights and witty one-liners and everyone knows that the good guys will win in the end.
And there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s fun and entertaining!
It’s just so cool that they dared to go outside the mould and create something else. Something that actually has grit and personality. Something that invests more in the characters themselves than the explosions and fancy suits.

I love how they’ve managed to turn a sci-fi action movie into what feels more like an indie thriller. There’s definitely action, but the main focus is on the key characters and their dysfunctional relationships with each other.

I’ve never managed to get this invested in sci-fi superheroes before. They made these people and their despair feel so close and real. The story is dark and brutal, with very little hope for the future. I left the theatre with a knot in my stomach, and that’s meant as a compliment.

The movie is also beautifully shot and the acting is spot on. Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart are perfection, as always, and I loved Dafne Keen who played Laura.

If you’re into superheroes and X-Men you should watch this, it’s so worth it.