Life update: new puppy and my wedding

Hey, it’s been a while, huh? After posting my not-resolutions in February I fell off the Internet for a while, and mostly due to the first and last point on that list. A few things have been going on here:

I have a puppy!

I’ve crossed off point number 1 in my goals for 2018: I went and got myself a new dog! 😄❤🐶

Her name is Runa and she’s a Labrador mix that moved in with us in the end of February. I’ll do a proper introduction post about her later, just make do with the photo below for now.

Runa the lab mix 9 weeks old

I also no longer have a snake…

The weeks after Runa moved in were weird ones.

Only the day before we brought her home I found my corn snake, Flamma, dead in her terrarium. She had had some issues with her last shed and didn’t want to eat, but once the shed was over I figured she’d come around.

Apparently not. 💔

You don’t have the same relationship with a snake as you have with a dog or cat, but it’s still sad. I know Flamma had no concept of me or cared about me at all, but I knew and cared for her. For a long time too, she would’ve been 14 years old this summer.

Losing her AND getting a new puppy at the same time also made my grief for Zappo resurface. It’s almost a year since he passed, and I still miss him a lot.

I had both Zappo and Flamma for so long that losing both is like the end of an era. Like a definite end to… something. I don’t know, maybe it’s just the timing. It feels weird that the universe decided to get rid of both my old friends only 10 months apart. Either way, getting a new puppy right in the middle of that made me feel weirdly divided. It was/is a very tangible reminder of the wheel of time.

I sometimes think of my old dog and can’t help compare my new puppy to him. Which is unfair, to both of them. They’re completely different individuals and should not be held against each other. I also sometimes feel guilty about “replacing” Zappo – which I know is silly. Love doesn’t have a limited quota, it’s perfectly possible to love him and love the puppy too. But I still feel that way every now and then.

With that said, Runa being so young and happy and energetic is a stark contrast to death and grief. It’s impossible not to get sucked in and laugh at her antics. Puppies are a lot of work and she’s doing a fine job of keeping me occupied and focused on the present. 😏

And we’ve set a date for the wedding

Yep, it’s happening this year. I’m getting married on September 15! 😮

Markus and I are not fancy people so our wedding will be a pretty laid-back affair. 30 guests, tops. And no church, just a short non-religious ceremony outdoors by the rapids where I grew up. We’re gonna do almost everything ourselves with the help of my dad and stepmum.

Will probably post a lot more about it as the planning progresses and we get things in order. I’m looking forward to it, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. :)

Karin and Markus at Harry Potter Studio Tour, London
These dorks are getting hitched! 🎉


  1. 1 May 2018

    I am so sorry about Flamma. she was a beautiful snake. I understand completely about the love & grief of losing & getting new babies.

    Congrats on the marriage also. So happy for you!

    • 6 June 2018

      Thank you ❤ Lots of ups and downs at the same time right now :)

  2. 6 May 2018

    I saw your new puppy on your social media, and she’s such a cutie! I love labs!

    I’m so sorry to hear about Flamma though :( I feel the same way about my turtles. I know that they probably never really cared about me or see me different from any other human, but I cared for them and loved them, so it still hurts when they pass. I like your view of how love doesn’t have a limited quota. I think it’s understandable to feel guilty, but you love them both! Runa isn’t a replacement!

    And congrats on setting a wedding date! Good luck on the planning!

    • 11 June 2018

      Thank you! 😊

      Yeah, exactly. Just because an animal isn’t “smart” or “social” doesn’t mean you can’t have a bond with them. Even if it’s one-sided it’s still a bond for you, the human, and it hurts when it breaks.

  3. 6 May 2018

    😍 So much love for you and Markus right now! I’m sure the planning won’t be as stressful as a bigger wedding, but take it easy! :) I’m excited for you both and I can’t wait to read more about it as the date approaches and once it rolls around. I’m curious to see what you both choose to wear on the day and how you’ll decorate things as I think it’s going to be really unique!

    Say hello to Runa for me, I LOVEEEEEEE black labs omigod.

    I know it’s hard not to think of her as a “replacement” and that she will remind you of Zappo sometimes, but I think in time you’ll be able to appreciate both of them as separate souls ❤️

    • 11 June 2018

      Thank you!! 😍 I’m already starting to realise a wedding, even a small one, is still a pretty big project. There’s just so much stuff to prepare that I hadn’t even thought about. Learning a lot right now, haha!
      You’re right that the clothes and decor etc will be somewhat different. The dress is being (custom!) made right now and I promise I’ll post about it when I can! 😁

      I think so too. Runas personality is the polar opposite of Zappos, which is both good and bad. But overall it’s making it easier actually since she’s so clearly her own individual. :)

  4. 21 May 2018

    I am sorry about your snake. Snakes are such cool animals, and I bet she was a pretty cool pet, too. Your new puppy looks adorable. I remember when I got my two dogs. They were the best addition to our family. Congrats on setting your date. Having the date to look forward is something both exciting and nerve wracking. Hope you are able to appreciate the wait and not get to excited. Always try to plan little by little so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

  5. 26 May 2018

    I am sorry about Flamma and Zappo both. It’s tough loosing a beloved pet. I have lost a few and it takes a long time for things to settle down and not hurt so much. Having a new puppy around the house is wonderful and will likely aid in this. My parents just got a new puppy, a 3 month old Golden Retriever mix. I love visiting their house because she makes me laugh. Puppy antics can be so funny sometimes. Your new puppy is so cute!

    Congratulations on picking a wedding date. I read your post about the Storforsen Rapids, what a beautiful place to have a wedding ceremony! I love the water, waterfalls and rapids. I could just imagine it. The pictures I am sure don’t do it justice even though they are quite beautiful. The pictures of the people swimming and playing look like a lot of fun. It’s great to be able to incorporate something that means so much to you into your wedding ceremony.

  6. 27 May 2018

    Congratulations on the upcoming wedding and engagement :) Your wedding plan sounds absolutely perfect to me and definitely would be ideal wedding (alas I am Asian and my parents are deadset on inviting ALL the people they know 😭)

    I’m so sorry about your snake! I think losing ANY pet is the most heartbreaking experience ever.

    Your new puppy is absolutely adorable! I love dogs so much and would love to just cuddle her!

  7. 25 June 2018

    Such a cute puppy! I totally recognise the mixed emotions you have when you replace an “old pet” with a new. It’s a weird and in some ways unpleasant feeling.

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