It’s been decided that this year, 2021, will be the year Markus and I finally purchase a house of our own. 🏑 That means it will also be the year we put ourselves in massive debt and increase our responsibilities by, I don’t know, a lot.

It’s scary – buying a house is a lot of money and a lot of work – but also fun.

For the past nine years, we’ve lived in a little rental house. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s a very nice place to live, and surprisingly affordable, but we want laaaaaand.

We want a yard big enough to let the dog run around and play. Space to plant stuff, like a potato patch and maybe some berry bushes. Space to get more animals (chickens!) if we want to.
And more storage space for outdoor stuff. Our current storage room and garage are tiny. Things like garden furniture, bikes, skis, the dog sled etc. have nowhere to go. Every winter we put the summer things under a tarp on the narrow little strip of grass we call our “back yard”, and every summer we do the same with the winter stuff. It would be so nice to have a proper outhouse or shed to put things in.

We also want to get out to the countryside.

Our town is pretty average-sized and, like most north-Swedish towns, enclosed by forest, so you’re never far from nature. But I don’t want to live close to nature, I want to live IN nature. Right now we’re surrounded by other houses when I’d rather be surrounded by forest and fields. While I don’t mind having neighbours, I don’t want them too close.

Markus put it very succinctly: “I want to live just secluded enough that I can walk around the yard in my underwear without scaring the neighbours.” πŸ˜‚

View from the village Markus grew up in.

I honestly don’t care all that much about the actual house. I’m not fussy about the size or how it looks, the yard and the surroundings are more important. A house can be remodelled and upgraded but you can’t remodel the land. What is it they say? “Location. Location. Location.”

The main demand when it comes to the house is that we’d prefer to find something that doesn’t need too much work right away. We have no experience renovating houses so it would probably be best if we didn’t start our real estate journey with a total fixer-upper.

It’s a bit frustrating that we’re only in March as the market is pretty dead here this time of year. Most people sell their houses in the summer half of the year, when everything isn’t covered in snow and temperatures are above freezing. It’s still winter here so not a lot of houses available now.

Ugh. For once in my life I actually want winter to be over! 😩

In the meantime, if anyone has any advise/wisdom to share about owning houses I’m all ears! πŸ˜…