Last vacation week

I start working again on Monday after 4 weeks of summer vacation. I don’t mind going back to the office, but I sure will miss sleeping ’til noon. Getting up at 6.30 in the mornings is not humane…

This last week was spent at Markus’ parents house. We’ve been swimming, relaxing on the patio, watching the European Athletics Championships 2010 and just generally enjoying being in a house (rather than in an apartment) and having food thrown at us every 10 minutes ;) What’s the deal with mums and food? I think I’ve gained 5kg in 5 days *burp*

The best event was on Wednesday when we took a trip to a lovely little fishing village out on an island in the sea. We had to take a ferry to get there, which was pretty fun. I hardly ever get to be in a boat!

Ulvön 2010 view from mountain top

On the island we had picnic on a mountaintop overlooking the village and the bay. To bad the weather was rather grey and foggy. But at least it wasn’t to hot.

Ulvön 2010 old house

There were lots of pretty old houses like this on the island.

Ulvön 2010 the old chapel

The chapel. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the inside is covered from floor to ceiling with amazing paintings. It was built in 1622 and the paintings are from 1719 and still very well preserved. I heard a guide say that the priest only came to the island twice a year and in the summer. So during the winter the chapel was used as a storage shed for fishing equipment(!), and that meant it was never heated. No fires or candles or anything. Otherwise the paintings would’ve been long gone.

Ulvön 2010 shop

Inside a cute store. Lots of cool old stuff to look at!

And now I’m home again. Already dreading the alarm clock on Monday morning… :sick:


  1. 5 August 2010

    omg! those pictures are so pretty, I wish i could be there with that grey weather and all those beautiful houses and water :(
    Looks like you had lots of fun! :>

    and yeah, what’s with moms and food!??!

  2. 6 August 2010

    This looks nice. Looks like a cute little town. 4 weeks vacation – that’s nice! Good luck with getting up early again ;)

  3. 8 August 2010

    That looks like a lovely little place. I envy you. I want a vacation! :P

  4. 9 August 2010

    Those pictures are beautiful. I actually think grey days make for wonderful pictures. I love foggy pictures. Where were these pictures taken? It looks amazing.

  5. 10 August 2010

    Wow! That looks like a place from a storybook.

    Lovely photos! :heart:

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