Iron Maiden live in Gothenburg

Imaginary Karin - Iron Maiden at Ullevi, Gothenburg

I can’t believe I got to see Iron Maiden live last Friday! :D
They are currently touring with their new album Book of Souls, and last Friday they came to Gothenburg, Sweden. Iron Maiden is one of those classic old metal bands you just have to see live, and now I can finally say that yes, I’ve seen them.

Unfortunately the sound was kind of crap. I don’t normally care much about sound quality, but it became annoying when the mic started dying every 10 seconds. At first I thought it was just me having trouble with my ear plugs (I always have, my ears hate those things), but I heard afterwards that lots of people had been complaining about the sound so apparently it was a real issue.

Still, it’s an amazing band and it was an amazing evening!

Highlight 1:
Bruce Dickinson talking about how old they are and how many in the audience weren’t even born when they made their first songs and deciding that no, we’re not old, we’re legacy. It is a much nicer word, I’ll call myself that from now on. ;)

Highlight 2:
60 000 people singing along to Fear of the Dark. Goosebumps for days. (“Feeaar of the daaark… FEEAAR OF THE DAAAAAAAAAARRRK“)

Highlight 3:
A 4 meters tall Eddie chasing the band members around the stage. Lolwut? :D

Highlight 4:
The audience using their phones as lighters during Blood Brothers. We were standing on the floor at the bottom of the arena, so it looked pretty epic with the lights all around us, reaching halfway to the sky.

Imaginary Karin - Gothenburg June 2016

Imaginary Karin - Gothenburg June 2016

My town is in the other end of the country so it was decided that if we should go (me and Markus + 2 friends) we might as well make a whole weekend of it. We spent 3 days strolling around town shopping, sightseeing, and just generally having a good time.

Of course there were many visits to Science Fiction Bokhandeln (sci-fi/fantasy/geek book store). I bought the new Neil Gaiman book The View From the Cheap Seats and the Welcome to Night Vale book. Looking forward to reading them!
I was also happy to visit the Sephora store. Sweden only has two physical stores and no online shop, so I have to take the opportunity when it comes. Came home with two lipsticks from Kat Von D, one traditional and one liquid. We’ll see if they’re as good as they say.

Thursday night we had dinner and drinks at Steampunk Bar which is, just as it says on the label, a steampunk themed bar. It was too dark to take good photos in there, but trust me, the decor looked insane and so did the drinks. Look at the video clip above to see what I mean.

I fell madly in love with the city when I visited it for the first time last year, and it was just as great seeing it a second time! Stockholm is very beautiful and full of interesting places too, but Gothenburg with its quirky charm is much more my style. As always, I can’t wait ’til next time. :)

Imaginary Karin - Gothenburg June 2016

Imaginary Karin - Gothenburg June 2016
Imaginary Karin - Gothenburg June 2016

Imaginary Karin - Gothenburg June 2016


  1. 24 June 2016

    That’s so cool you got to see them! :) I’ve only ever heard of them through YouTube, I bet it was a fun experience! :D I’ve not seen a sephora store in the UK but when I visited Paris, I went crazy to say the least! xD

  2. 26 June 2016

    I love how you are dressed for the occasion! I have to admit I am not a huge Iron Maiden fan… I listened to a few of their albums but it was the type of hard rock I couldn’t quite get into. I feel that I like a very specific genre of hard rock, metal, and other such genres – you may laugh, but seeing as you’re a fan, you probably understand how diverse tastes can be. :P

    The city does look very lovely indeed! I have only ever traveled twice for something like a concert or a festival – one time I drove for about two hours with a friend, then just drove back home straight away. Another time, I stayed one night (in that same city actually) with my boyfriend because we went to a festival. Shame about the sound at the concert, by the way – that would really grind my gears :(

  3. 26 June 2016

    I’m a big fan of Iron Maiden! I’ve seen them a few times live, and I’m always amazed at how energetic they still are. The last time I saw them, they were touring for The Final Frontier, so I’m a little behind and haven’t listened to Book of Souls yet. Blood Brothers is one of my favorite songs by them!

    That’s nice that you spent more time in Gothenburg too. I’ve never seen a Steampunk bar before, and that’s so weird how the drinks are bubbling like that. I’m glad it was a great trip! :D

  4. 27 June 2016

    That is so awesome! :D I really adore your photo as well. <3


  5. 1 July 2016

    I’m no Iron Maiden fan, but, I’m glad you had fun at the concert.

  6. 2 July 2016

    I think that’s a common problem at concerts and festivals. I’ve been to see The Who twice and both times were incredible, but when they performed at Glastonbury they had loads of sound issues and people thought they were rubbish because of this.

    We don’t have and Sephora stores in the UK and I’m annoyed because I’m trying to try the Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner.

    I’m glad you had a good time in Gothenburg. :)

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