I posted this on Tumblr a few days ago, but I think it deserves a blog post too:

Imaginary Karin - Middle-earth chrome experiment

A journey Through Middle-Earth is a Google Chrome experiment, a website allowing you to explore Tolkien’s Middle-Earth in the form of an interactive map. For now there’s only a few locations available, but as The Hobbit movies comes out the plan is to add to the map, following the dwarves journey.

I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit on there… Go check it out, it’s actually pretty damn cool!
Or… nerdy. Cool AND nerdy! (Yes, it’s possible. I just said so.)

Another fun thing about it, from my perspective, is that it’s made by North Kingdom – an agency from my town. They’re well known for their creativity and innovation and have a rather impressive list of clients. In school they were THE place where everyone wanted to work. I find it amazing that a sleepy small town in north Sweden can be the headquarters of such a successful international company that isn’t about mining or forestry.
The CEO is apparently an old Tolkien fan too.

For a look behind the scenes here’s a post by technical director Daniel Isaksson describing how they created the site.