This year, for the first time ever, I decided to participate in Inktober.
I’ve always wanted to but never even dared to try in fear I would drop out and fail, BUT NOT THIS TIME! I participated and against all odds, I completed it too! ✌?

If you didn’t know, Inktober is a yearly drawing challenge. A bit like NaNoWriMo and similar projects, except here the focus is art. You’re supposed to draw something every day for a month.
Drawlloween is basically the same thing, only with fun spooky prompts. Since I’m such a massive Halloween lover I decided to do Inktober but with the prompts from Drawlloween.

The tools

A few months ago I bought a set of beautiful leather-bound notebooks that I had no idea what to do with, so I picked one of them to be my “drawing book”. The paper has a bit of a yellow tint, and is slightly too soft so the ink tends to bleed, but the book was so pretty I decided to use it anyway. :)

For sketching I had a regular cheap graphite pencil (+1 for Moomin though) and the inking was done with a set of Staedtler Pigment Liners.

Imaginary Karin - inktober drawlloween tools

The drawings

Below are a few of my favourites, but collages of all my Inktober drawings can be found on Deviantart. You can also see them on my Instagram, so far they’re still near the top of the feed. :P

I think the one I like the best is the “mist monster”, the creepiness levels were pretty spot on there, haha! I also like the hairless cat and the portrait of my Goblin Death Knight in World of Warcraft. And of course, the werewolf. Because werewolves are always awesome.

The aftermath

The first thing that hit me when starting this challenge was how much I miss drawing.

I used to be such an active and productive artist, and while I still draw occasionally I’ve clearly been doing it less and less as the years go by. I could say I’m too busy, but that would be lying. The real reasons are that I’m just lazy and waste too much time on the Internet.
This challenge was a great reminder how much I love to draw, and that I really should try to do it more often. If I want to call myself an artist I have to create art, and I hope I can convince myself to do so more often in the future.

Drawing every day for a whole month I also quickly realised that Something is better than Nothing, and Finished is better than Perfect.

Looking through all my drawings I can definitely tell which days I’ve been in a rush or uninspired, but even the worst of these were still fun to make. It may not be my best work ever, but afterwards I was always pleased with myself. I felt joy and pride over having done at lest something. Something is, at least, practise. Something can be improved and learned from. Nothing is just… nothing.

This was a really fun and educational challenge for me and I’m glad I participated.

There’s still plenty of room in the book too, so I think I’m going to try some other art challenges soon. If nothing else, I’ll definitely try to do Inktober next year too. :)