Another October has passed, and another Inktober completed! πŸ˜βœŒπŸŽ‰ Below are my thoughts on this year’s drawing marathon – and a selection of my favourites among the drawings I made.


Like last year, I decided not to follow any prompts. It worked out ok last year and I didn’t find any prompt lists that caught my interest, so I went rogue. πŸ±β€πŸ‘€

The tools were the same as they’ve been since 2016. The book is not yet full so I’m still using it. I sort of regret starting with this book as the paper really isn’t very good, but I have to see this through now. Don’t want to have a half-full book laying around. But I counted the pages and there is just enough space for one more year, then I’m free to pick something else to draw in!

Imaginary Karin - inktober drawlloween tools

A selection of drawings

All of them can be found on my Instagram. They should be near the top of my feed at least for a little while longer.

My favourites this year were the various MMO races I drew. Like the two trolls from World of Warcraft. There’s also a Charr from Guild Wars 2. The Charr got retweeted by the official GW2 Twitter account and has so far gotten over 300 likes. This must be the closest to “viral” I’ve ever gotten, lol!

Another fav is the skull with a crown. We’re playing Symbaroum (only best roleplaying game I’ve ever tried) right now and I got inspired by the story. Also drew mine and Markus’s characters, but they’re on Instagram only.

beer glass drawing

Day 3 – A beer glass for Markus’s birthday

Charr cat people from Guild Wars 2 drawing

Day 6 – A favourite MMO race: Charr from Guild Wars 2.

world of warcraft troll drawing

Day 4 – World of Warcraft Troll, another favourite MMO race

World of Warcraft troll drawing

Day 7 – female World of Warcraft troll

skull with crown drawing

Day 9 – The Copper Crown. Inspired by a campaign we’re playing in the roleplaying game Symbaroum

afghan hound drawing

Day 13 – Afghan hound

three-eyed cat drawing

Day 26 – she pissed!

moonlit forest monster drawing

Day 19 – Something in the woods

cute narwhal drawing

Day 27 – Little narwhal

witch drawing

Day 29 – Witch

In retrospect

Going without prompts can be great, but there were also a lot of days when I just wished I had more of a solid theme or some kind of guidance.

It’s fun when you have inspiration and know what you want to draw, but it’s also so frustrating when you’re staring at a blank paper and your brain gives you nothing but static. 😩 I actually think I’ll try to find some sort of cohesive theme or prompts or something for next year.

Overall I struggled a lot more this year compared to 2017 and 2016. September was a super busy month for me with my wedding and a work trip to Germany and lots of other little things. When October came I was sort of drained. I felt like I had more bad days than good. It was genuinely surprising to go back and see that some of this year’s drawings are actually pretty good. Because it felt like I made nothing but crap the entire month.

Still, totally worth it. Like I learned already in my first year doing Inktober: creating crap is still better than creating nothing. :)