Yep, looks like I’m getting hitched.
On February 17 I proposed to Markus – and he said yes! ^_^

Imaginary Karin - engagement 2012

On Friday evening, after dinner, I set the scene in the kitchen with some fancy ice-cream desserts and lit candles. On his side of the table, I placed a stuffed bunny holding a heart and a handwritten love letter with reasons why I love him. He sat down, read it and then I took out the box with the rings, dropped on one knee and asked him to marry me.

I knew he would say yes as we’ve been talking about it for years, but I was still a nervous wreck! I’m so glad I decided to do it at home, just him and me and not out in public somewhere :P

FYI: Markus wants me to make it perfectly clear that he did NOT cry. No, no he did not.
Ok, maybe one manly tear, but no more. Honest.