This is actually a little awkward to admit, having spent the past 4 or 5 years muttering about how “I don’t need my phone to do anything other than send and receive phone calls“, but last week I finally caved in and got a smartphone.
My old dumbphone was getting, well, old and I figured it was time to upgrade to something contemporary. Also, pretty much everyone I know is scoffing at and poking me for not having a “real” phone so… I hope you’re happy now! I won’t embarrass you anymore ;)

The choice fell on a Samsung Galaxy SII.
I’ve heard nothing but great things about it and I’ve even heard hardcore Apple fans admitting that it is in fact a pretty good phone. So far I like it a lot and it’s definitely cool having a mini computer following me around everywhere I go. I love that I can actually do stuff with it, like check my email or take a photo or whatever.

I can’t compare it with an iPhone since I’ve never had one, but compared to my iPad I’m surprised at how similar they are. What I mean is that I didn’t have any trouble navigating and figuring out how things work with the phone. It’s not THAT much of a difference. What I love about the phone that I can’t find in the iPad (at least not without installing an app for it) is how I can deep dive into it and check and tweak everything from how much battery power is allowed to use for certain processes to how much CPU Facebook is using. Not to mention the back button! I wish the iPad had one.

Although, I must say the best part is almost the cute case I found for it XD Behold the red devil:

Samsung Galaxy S2 – devil phone

Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2 vs. Sony Ericsson

Here it is next to my old phone, a Sony Ericsson of some sort. But seriously, how cute is that demon!? Markus has a phone case with an angel (it actually had little wings on the sides, but he cut them off :sick: ) so we’re sort of matching. Out of us two I’m definitely the bad guy :twisted:

Angel phone