Home invaded by an ewok/floor mop/overgrown guinea pig


That’s Oggie, Camila’s shi-tzu. Camila is going to Brazil in January so Oggie is going to stay with us while she’s gone. He needs to get used to sleeping here and such, so yesterday we took him home with us and he stayed the night.

He’s only 7 months old, still very much a puppy, and a little heart breaker in disguise. At first everyone (including Zaphod) was all WTF? What is that!? What are we supposed to do with it? Which end is the front?
But he’s growing on all of us and I’m really looking forward taking him in :) He’s so social and cuddly, he follows us around the apartment and every time someone sits down he wants to come and sit in the lap. Slightly different from Zaphod who once he lays down won’t leave his bed for anything less than fires or the vacuum cleaner…

I think it will be great for Zaphod to have a dog companion and it will be fun for me “trying out” a new breed. I’m not used to dogs that small. Or that hairy *lol*
My biggest fear is that I will accidentally break him somehow, or that grooming all that fur will drive me completely nuts so that I, in a burst of lunacy, end up shaving the whole animal.

Nah, I’m sure we’ll be alright. I’ll just make Markus hide the electric razor.

Oggie tries to steal a kiss from Markus. And Zaphod is looking jealous in the background. :P


  1. 19 December 2009

    SQUEAL!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so cute. Though I am still partial to Zaphod :heart: . Oggie is adorable. But do watch it when you leave & come. Shi-tzus are known to escape, or at least all the ones I know have tried. He is cute, but they are little love bugs. :love:

  2. 22 December 2009

    My grandparents have one of those dogs named Cookie. They are rather cute but I prefer big dogs to little dogs so enjoy looking after the mutt. xP

  3. 22 December 2009

    Awweeeeee!!!! Oggie is so adorable!

    I’ve never had a dog, i think i’m scared of all the responsibility ~_~ but i guess the trick is once you get attached It’s hard to let go :heart: !

  4. 24 December 2009

    The doggies are adorable! :) Too bad we don’t have pets here anymore :( I get too emotionally attached to those cute creatures which is why i’d rather not have pets after my bunny, Buzz. Oh well.

    Have fun in the holidays and Merry Christmas! :)

  5. 24 December 2009

    Oggie looks much like our mutt that we inherited this year on my birthday. They’re crazy-looking…but still so irresistibly cute 8)

  6. 26 December 2009

    Åh vilken sötnös! <3 Han påminner verkligen om en Ewok. Coolt! :D Jag har också haft "lånedjur" och det är väldigt trevligt, tills de måste åka hem. :(

  7. 29 December 2009

    Aww! Oggie reminds me of my dog, Jude. Jude is half Shih-Tzu and half Cairn Terrier. He reminds us of an ewok too, especially when he hasn’t been groomed in a while. :P

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