Holiday decorations

I love decorating for holidays (any holidays!) so I thought I’d show you some of my decorations this year. Like that army of snowmen I mentioned earlier :P

Imaginary Karin - Christmas decorations 2011

My living room. It’s mostly black, white and purple. I think the British house-hunting show Escape To The Country is on the TV.

Imaginary Karin - Christmas decorations 2011

Big plushie snowman + small blue snowman in the flowerpot.

Imaginary Karin - Christmas decorations 2011

Imaginary Karin - Christmas decorations 2011

Imaginary Karin - Christmas decorations 2011

More snowmen… Can you tell I really like them? ;) The biggest one is holding a real bell so it tinkles every time the cat walks by in the window.

Imaginary Karin - Christmas decorations 2011

My kitchen. The Santa in the window is actually last years Christmas card from Ori ^_^
I just finished writing all the cards for the Quilting Bee card exchange btw! I’ll be putting them in the mailbox tomorrow so expect cards, my fellow bees!

BONUS PHOTO (because everyone loves pets, right?):
Bella playing with a package of wrapping string. How silly of me to put something on the floor and expect it to be left alone :roll:

Maja playing


  1. 11 December 2011

    Oooh! I am super duper jealous of your home. It’s so big and pretty. :crazy: The window! THE WINDOW! Ahhhh. I also LOVE your decorations! So fun! :yay:

  2. 12 December 2011

    Aw! I love the snowmen army. Very cute. And the snowman “flower” is adorable. I also love the Santa candles. They are so unique that I would never want to burn them, just use them as decorations.

    PS, your kitty is so adorable. I would love to get a kitty :love:

  3. 14 December 2011

    Your living room is gorgeous, and I love the snowman army! Everything looks so festive and cozy. :heart: I finally got my Christmas tree up last night and finished decorating the house. I love decorating for holidays too. It’s a must for me. I just don’t feel like it’s truly Christmas/Halloween/whatever until my house is all decked out with holiday stuff. :P

  4. 14 December 2011

    Fint! :) Själv pyntar jag inte så mycket. Viktigast är att jag har en fin julgran. Förutom den är stjärnor i fönstrena det enda pynt jag ställer fram i år.

  5. 19 December 2011

    Your living room is gorgeous! I love the color scheme. The view out your window is incredible, and so pretty right now. I would love to see the same view during the other seasons. :)

    Oh, I adore snowmen. :D Your collection is very cute.

    What is your kitty’s name?

  6. 19 December 2011

    I am looking at these photos and I am envious of your view the most, and your living room in general. It’s so pretty! :D

  7. 19 December 2011

    So that plushie snowman is holding a shovel, right? What does it say about me that I thought for a good thirty seconds it was a knife, and spent the thirty seconds after that wondering what a snowman might need a knife for? :X

    Murderous snowman aside, the decorations look lovely! And I sympathise with you re: Bella: how I still haven’t gotten it through my head after two and a half decades of cat-having that anything left or placed on the floor is subject to cat shenanigans I do not know. Hopefully she didn’t bat that string under the nearby stove. ;)

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