Whoops, I kinda fell off the Internet there for a while :P

What I’ve been up to this past month:

  • Work
    Lots and lots of work. And I love it! Even though the worst of the financial crisis seem to be over the unemployment rate is still ridiculously high, so I consider myself SO lucky for having a job to go to.
  • Moping over broken camera :(
    My lovely pink camera is broken and I’m still waiting to get it fixed. And it’s autumn! All these pretty colours are surrounding me and I have nothing to capture them with!
  • Moping over the election :evil:
    We had a parliamentary election last month and the results were… undesirable to say the least. The right wing party fuckheads gets to rule destroy the country for another 4 years and a racist party got into the parliament. Way to go Sweden…
  • Shopping
    The months after summer vacation has been pretty good. I’ll post some pics later maybe. IF I can get my hands on a functioning camera…
  • Pondering new layout
    I really REALLY want to make a pixel layout, but I’m lacking ideas. I can’t decide if I wanna go cute and colourful or dark and gothic. Or some cool retro style with lots of brown and orange and such. Any suggesitons?

And yesterday was Markus’ birthday! He’s now 23. I can’t really call him a boytoy any more :P I got him a dog tag necklace and a book about World War II (he’s a history junkie) and made him cake and cookies. Next weekend his parents will come and visit (gotta clean!) and we’ll have a small party.

Anyway, I’m (hopefully) back to blogging now! I just need to get my act together again.