Happy easter everyone! :D Are you doing anything fun this weekend?

This is one of the busiest weekends of the year here, not because people care much about celebrating easter, but since you get a few days off work and school EVERYONE goes on holiday. The stores are packed with shoppers, the mountain resorts are packed with vacationers, and the roads are packed with traffic.

Normally we’d go somewhere too, but I have a cold and don’t feel well, so we’re just staying home. Which feels really good actually. 4 days of just relaxing and sleeping in, how lovely doesn’t that sound?!

Easter 2014 - decoration

As is tradition, I’ve put up some decorated branches outside the front door. This year I got not only birch, but also some willow branches with catkins on them. I love catkins, they’re so cute and fluffy, like little botanic kittens. :heart:

In addition to the coloured feathers and wooden eggs, I also got a bunch of little witches to decorate with. Gotta love how easter gives me an excuse to go crazy with colours and cute decorations! Less is not more if you ask me – more is more and less is a bore. ;)

Stay safe and don’t overdose on chocolate!

Easter 2014 - willow catkins

Easter 2014 - witch