Happy birthday Zaphod

Today my bony, tiger-striped pooch is 7 years old! :heart:
He has spent all day with me here at work. Soon it’s time to go home, but I think we’re gonna stop by the pet store first and pick up a nice bone or something for him. And tonight we’ll go play in the forest. :)

I took these in my office earlier today:

Imaginary Karin - Zappos birthday 2012
Die! DIE!
Imaginary Karin - Zappos birthday 2012
Uh, got a bit tired now…
Imaginary Karin - Zappos birthday 2012


  1. 22 March 2012

    SQUEEE!!!!!! Happy Birthday, Zaphod. Give him a hug & pets for me, please. :love: :love: :love:

    • 23 March 2012

      Haha, hugs and pets delivers as requested ^_^

  2. 22 March 2012

    What a perfect b-day for a sweet pup! ^_^

  3. 22 March 2012

    Wow, you’re allowed to have your dog at work?! That’s pretty good. He’s a pretty doggy. Happy birthday!

    • 23 March 2012

      Yes, I have my own office and everyone here loves animals + he’s very calm and quiet and doesn’t care about people going in and out the door, so he’s not disturbing anyone. It really is awesome being able to bring him to work. :)

  4. 23 March 2012

    Adorable! Happy birthday to him ;3

  5. Ann-Kristin
    23 March 2012

    Grattis, Grattis, världens finaste vovve. Vad bra att matte fixade nåt gott till dej. :love:

  6. 25 March 2012

    He’s adorable! I love his name. A lot.

  7. 26 March 2012

    Aw, happy birthday, Zaphod! He’s so adorable, and it’s awesome that you can bring him to work!

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