Thursday the 25th was my birthday. I’m 27 years old now.

I can’t believe I’m this old… I’m so much closer to 30 than 20 now. How on earth did that happen?

But creeping age paranoia aside, it’s been a good birthday :)

Markus’ parents + sister came to visit last weekend, bringing gifts and taking us out to dinner.
On Thursday me and a few friends got together to play laser games (like paintball, but with laser instead of paint) and have a few drinks. It was great fun, but getting up for work the next day was… hard.
And yesterday mum came down to visit and take me out for dinner (again).

I got a gift certificate for a beauty salon (whoo make-up!), tea spoons, ear rings, socks and a digital photo frame that was rather cool.
And Markus got me a new camera! It has 12 mega pixels and it’s small and pink and shiny and I love it :yay: It’s a Casio EX-Z90, not that I’m that knowledgeable about cameras. But the great thing about it is that it comes with a chargeable battery. And it can record video clips! I’m so going to abuse that function.

But I’m not the only one getting older – Monday the 22nd was Zaphod’s birthday!
If it’s hard to believe that I’m this old it’s even harder to grasp that it is now 5 (five!) years since the first time I carried him up the stairs to my apartment. A tiny, skinny puppy with legs that were much to long for his body and green paint all over his left ear from the ear-mark tattoo… and now he’s almost middle-aged.

From this:
Imaginary Karin - Zaphod 8 weeks old

To this:


At least his age is finally starting to catch up with his personality, on the inside he’s been an old fart since day one :P Markus’ parents got him dried pig ears and I gave him an extra large rawhide bone at work, that was his celebration. It’s not like he understand the concept of birthdays anyway.

Finally I’d like to say THANK YOU for all the birthday greetings around the net! I was surprised how many people knew/cared/took time to write a little something. You’re all so nice :heart: