Happy belated Halloween/Samhain everyone! :D

Hope everyone had fun this weekend – I know I had!
For once I had a real costume party to go to, and it was awesome! Lots of nice people, good food, some games and everyone was dressed up. Among others we had Sailor Moon, a she-devil, a pirate, a raven, a soldier, no less than 2 clowns and the Joker from Batman.

I was thinking about going as a werewolf, but had some troubles finding stuff for the outfit. Eventually I just made it easy on myself and went as a glam rocker. In other words I looked pretty much like I always do, just slightly more trashy.
Oh well, I’ll make something more elaborate next year.

Photos courtesy of my friend Johan who was also our lovely host and party planner 8)

Imaginary Karin - Halloween 2010

Window decorations at the coffee shop/cupcake bakery were the party was held.

Imaginary Karin - Halloween 2010

Me and Camila!
Look how flat my hair is… And that after half a can of hairspray and insane amounts of back-combing. 
I guess my hair just isn’t meant to be fluffy :(

Imaginary Karin - Halloween 2010

Markus the soldier and Johan the Joker :P

Imaginary Karin - Halloween 2010 cupcakes

Spooky cupcakes. They were delicious!