I had a great Halloween, the best for many years actually! We started with drinks and Guitar Hero at Johan’s place, then went out to a local bar/disco.
We don’t really celebrate Halloween here so most people don’t care about it, but there were lots of dressed up people. Mostly witches and devils, a few Joker’s (the Batman villain, you know) and even Santa himself :)

I found the most amazing pants at the Red Cross and simply couldn’t resist buying them! I tried to create some sort of 70’s hippie theme around them with a wide brown top and lots of jewellery (I had braids in my hair, bright blue eye-shadow and cool platform shoes too, but they don’t show in the pics).

Imaginary Karin - halloween 2009 outfit
My outfit for the night :D
The photos really don’t do the pants justice, they’re so much more awesome irl.

Imaginary Karin - Hallween 2009
Camila, Zaphod and me. Zaphod is all “Mom… wtf?” <_< Imaginary Karin - Halloween 2009 Blues Brothers
The Blues Brothers, also known as Markus and Johan. 8)
Definitely the coolest guys in town that night.

Imaginary Karin - Halloween 2009
Peace maaaan!
Hanging at the bar with Camila.