Show of hands, who here plays Guild Wars 2?
I bought it 2 days ago and is currently having tons of fun wrapping my head around this colourful new world and it’s inhabitants!

My boyfriend had graciously allowed me to try it out on his account – and I liked it a lot – but then he wanted to play too and he was out of character slots because of me and long story short I ended up buying my own copy. Having my own account means I can play around and make new characters without having to ask first, and also that we can play together.

Not that I’m sure playing with him is the best idea, come to think of it…
He’s the action driven CRASH BANG KILL EVERYTHING RUUUUUNN kind of player whereas I’m more like stop and smell the flowers I have to read the whole quest description ooh this town is pretty let’s explore don’t kill the cute monsters. So, yeah. :oops: :blush:

I’ve made two characters so far:

Imaginary Karin - Guild Wars 2

Imaginary Karin - Guild Wars 2

Posing with her Blood Fiend. Cute.

This is Moreli Medina, a Sylvari Necromancer.
This is so unlike me. Necromancer? Really? I’m a heavy armour girl, I like shields and broadswords, and I never go for the grim looking “dark arts” classes. But this time, for some reason, the Necromancer icon sort of called to me and I decided to just go with it.

So far I actually like her. She’s a bit more squishy than I’m used to, but the attacks are pretty cool, and I’ve decided her disgusting “pet” is pretty cool too. Even though it took some getting used to… I call him Guts, because that’s what he is.

Imaginary Karin - Guild Wars 2

I also created Dovila, an Asura Engineer.
The Asura look like the house elves from Harry Potter – but cuter! Their animations are adorable too, sort of clumsy and acrobatic at the same time. And I love the Engineer profession! It’s not a heavy armour class, but it’s steampunk which is awesome. :rock:

Anyway, I’m on the Gandara server (European) if anyone want to come say hi! :D