FYI: This is not a paid review or anything like that, I just wanted to talk about a fun service I’ve discovered.
All opinions are my own.

You may not know this but I love make-up and nail polish and perfumes and all that sort of stuff. Nail polish in particular, I actually have quite a few nail blogs in my RSS reader.

Now, I’m very interested in this stuff – but my “problem” or whatever to call it is that I’m also pretty cheap when it comes to buying unnecessary stuff like that. I don’t know how many times I’ve read about something and thought “sound great, I’ll have to buy it and try it out” but when I’m actually standing in the store I get, well, cheap and end up not buying anything… Unless maybe if it’s nail polish. ;)

Anyway, a few months ago I discovered a “beauty subscription” service called Glossybox. For the equivalent of about 20 USD (don’t know what an actual American subscription would cost, but I imagine it’s about the same) they send me one box each month containing various products, some sample size and some full size. If I want to I can review the products on their website and gain points. When you have enough points you get a free box.
There are other similar services out there too, like Birchbox for example, but Glossybox seem to be the only one available in Sweden so that’s what I’m sticking to.

I’ve tried it for a few months now and so far I think it works great! Since this is so obviously an unnecessary luxury I don’t buy any other beauty products, those 20 bucks and that box is all I get each month, but for me it’s more than enough. This way I get to try lots of stuff I never would’ve bought on my own! :D
This model really suits me perfectly.

Here’s the September box I received yesterday:

Here are the 5 products I received, from left to right:

  • Natural Organic Balm from Figs & Rouge
  • taupe nail polish from Depend
  • Cow Pat Moisturising Hand Creme from Cowshed – perfect as I really needed hand creme.
  • Don’t Just Clean It Woman, Scrub It body scrub from Anatomicals – one of my favourite brands!
  • Wonder Eye Cream from Balance Me

There was also a 20% discount coupon for an online jewellery store. And of course the obligatory note describing the products and what they’re for.
You get an actual box too, it’s usually pink but this month it was a pale beige. I really like them and save them to store small stuff in or save them to use when wrapping presents.


  1. 29 September 2012

    Ah Glossybox! It’s $23USD per month in the US – I know because I considered it when I was signing up for Birchbox and Ipsy :D I’d love to have Glossybox too, but I definitely can’t afford all three subscriptions. It seems like you got really cool contents – depending on my future boxes, I might just switch over to Glossybox exclusively. :)

  2. 2 October 2012

    Glossybox har legat bland mina länkar ett tag och nästa månad ska jag testa det jag med. Gillar verkligen konceptet.

  3. 4 October 2012

    That looks like an awesome service to subscribe to! I bet it’s something to look forward to every month. I would totally consider it as a college student without access to a car because it’s not like I can just drive over to a bunch of beauty stores and pick a variety of items. Do you feel like you are getting products worth the money you are spending?

    • 10 October 2012

      It really is a lot of fun :) I think I get my money’s worth most of the time. Not that I have the energy to check and compare prizes of the products in the box, so I can’t say for sure, but it feels like it’s worth it. Of course there might be a month when I get, say, lots of hair styling products that might not suit my hair style, but that’s rarely the case. They let you fill out a questionnaire when registering to make sure you get products suitable for you.

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