Yesterday was Markus’ 24th birthday! He didn’t have a very good birthday though – it started with a dentist appointment and a cold so he wasn’t all that happy. Me and a friend took him out for lunch but because of his sore throat he could only eat a bowl of soup. Doesn’t help that he’s a man either… we all know men get when they get sick, don’t we? ;) Poor thing.

Anyway, I’ll take him out to celebrate when he feels better…
Now I want to show you two of his presents:

Markus birthday 2011 - keyboard and mouse

It’s a Saitek Cyborg gaming keyboard + a Saitek Cyborg R.A.T. 7 gaming mouse.
The keyboard has some cool backlights in different colours and lots of extra buttons to use for custom functions and macros. The mouse is 100% customizable, you can program the buttons, change the shape with different bits and pieces and you can even control its weight.

I’m not much of a gamer, or at least I don’t play many games that requires special macros and such, so I haven’t tried the special button functions. I like the look of it all though. The mouse is my favourite – I’m almost afraid to touch it (it looks ferocious, like it might bite) but I love how heavy I can make it and the various ergonomic support pads make it really easy to handle. Despite its appearance it fits the hand perfectly!

Markus says he loves both of them :) They are pretty cool, non?

Markus birthday 2011 - desk

Of course we have the Swedish keyboard version

Imaginary Karin - Markus' birthday 2011

Also, we had cake. I made it. Inside it’s filled with chocolate :P