Snowy road with trees on both sides

Sunday, the 18th, we had our first snow of the season – and lots of it! ❄

The first snowfall is usually just a few modest flakes, like a dusting of powdered sugar, but not this year. A proper snowstorm blew in in the middle of the night and kept going all day. This morning Markus even had to shovel the driveway before leaving for work!

It’s still fairly warm, with temperatures only just below 0°C. The forecasts say it will rain at the end of the week, so even if we got a lot of snow now it will melt away. The first snowfall usually does, so that’s nothing unusual.

Still, winter 2020 is off to a strong start!

cul-de-sac with red brick houses and lots of trees, it's snowing
Morning walk
Snowy road leading through forest. It's dark and the road is lit with a lamp post.
Evening walk

With the way this year has been going I wouldn’t be surprised if the weather keeps being dramatic. I bet we’ll either enter a new ice-age, complete with resurrected mammoths and everything – or the opposite: green lawns and flowers in December. 😅😬

As always, I hope we’ll get a real winter with decent amounts of snow. Not only because this is northern Scandinavia and we should have proper winters every year (*cough*climatechange*cough*) but also because it’s more FUN!

I bought new skis (cross-country, not alpine) last spring and want to use them. And I want to train sledging with Runa. Gonna need snow for both those things, so keeping my finger’s crossed!

Yellow leaf against snow
Mandatory leaf-on-snow photo.