First snow 2019

Yaay, first snow! πŸ˜„
I know nobody cares but me, but I love posting this every year. Autumn is my favourite season and winter is a close second. And it’s so dark up here now that the snow is actually a big help. It’s so much brighter with white ground when there’s no sun. Winter is coming and I’m here for it!

This year, the first snow fell on the evening of October 8th. ❄ It was too damn dark to take decent photos, but I did film a very grainy video:

Luckily the snow stayed throughout the next day, so I got some beautiful frosty pictures on my morning walk:

sun shining through leaves on frosty fields

red leaf on white snow

path through forest with light snow

dog on icy road

autumn leaves on snow

path through forest with light snow

It’s still snowing off and on, but it’s not staying more than a day or two before melting away again. The temperature is hovering around 0, so it’s back and forth between freezing and thawing. Most trees still have most of their leaves, but they’re falling FAST. The rowan tree in my yard is completely bare already. Only the berries remain. Any day now all trees will be bare – save for the evergreens of course.

They said on the news we’re having our coldest autumn in 40 years. I don’t doubt it, I have noticed it’s unusually cold. The summer was unusually cold too actually. But I hope this means we’ll have even more snow soon, and that it will come to stay. We have put the winter tyres on the car, so we’re ready. β˜ƒπŸ˜Š

How do you feel about winter? Does it snow at all where you are?


  1. 19 October 2019

    So beautiful 😍 it used to snow multiple times during Winter where I live, which is close to the Alpes, and since I’m in a small village, I remember it was crazy going to school on the bus up and down the snowy hills (more hills than in the Shire!). Now snow comes once or twice if we’re lucky and only lasts for a couple of days, White Christmases have become very rare. Climate change sucks 😣

    I’m happy to see there is someone else enjoying the colder months as much as I do!

  2. 18 November 2019

    I care! I love to see photos of the snow. I wish that we could get it all the time. It’s very rare and possibly why I am so mesmerised by it and your lovely photos! 😍

  3. 24 November 2019

    Those are some really lovely pictures. Snow CAN be really pretty. If it wasn’t for being cold. XD

    We get a lot out by us usually. Not really a fan of it, but looking here, it does have a pretty side to it.

  4. 29 November 2019

    Those photos are absolutely beautiful! I especially like the first one with the snow shining through the trees!

    How do you feel about winter? Does it snow at all where you are?

    I love winter. It’s one of my favorite 4 seasons! No really lol I love every season but I really do love winter! The snow is so pretty and peaceful when fresh.

    It does snow here. Usually get our first snow in by the end of Oct. This year we’ve had a little but not a lot. Supposed to get some tonight but I have no winter tires yet :(

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